All about Holdings - Track employee stock options, restricted shares, RSUs and other alternative investments for iPhone. Track your portfolio, including employee stock grants, whether your investments are in publicly traded companies or in private companies. Paprika is the best at grabbing recipes from your favorite recipe sites and offers the best combination of grocery lists, menu planning, and cooking-focused recipe views. Paprika was my pick for the best recipe manager for Android, and the experience is even better on iOS. Many recipe apps were tossed out on sight because they sourced everything from a single publication or brand.
I gave each of these apps a run through the sites I tend to visit for recipes, importing a few tasty-looking items. Paprika is our pick for best recipe manager because it’s not just great on one device, it’s great on all your devices; indeed, it gets better the more devices you have.
Most apps exist to help you pick or find or share recipes, not manage or save them (or, really, cook them) in any serious way. Evernote Food is simply a kind of skin (or filter) on your existing Evernote account, which you might have dumped recipes into, and which may give you some OCR options. Epicurious is an app that feels like it should be higher up in this article (maybe in place of Yummly): It has received more attention as an iPad app than on Android, and its Cook View, with optional voice controls, is intriguing.

As on Android, Paprika is the best iOS option for those who want to assemble their own recipe collection, wherever they find those recipes, on whichever device they have handy. While other apps can be about as good (or sometimes better) when it comes to organizing recipes, Paprika’s unparalleled cross-device versatility is a big part of what makes it so useful.
Specifically, the Pro membership ($19.99 per year) upgrades the core recipe app and gives you 25 free, high-quality recipe scans (and the option to buy more in relatively cheap packs). But the major difference between Paprika and other recipe apps is how you get your recipes. You have an option to keep the iPad from sleeping, which is darned useful, and sadly not a standard feature among recipe apps.
If you’re all-Apple, Paprika’s Mac app, while relatively pricey at $20, is the best way to manually enter recipes into your Paprika set. For example, its iPad-only status limits its use for planning—as good as its grocery list tool is, using it means having to take your iPad to the grocery store. At the least, Basil should offer optional exporting to Apple’s Reminders or Notes app, and offer to place recipes on your calendar, both of which can sync to an iPhone. It takes PDFs, Word files—whatever files your recipes are in, really—and instead of converting them, it stores them, along with web clippings, typed recipes, and pictures.
And, one of those new features seems to be a new implementation of the Share button.The guys over at WPCentral have found that there is a new option when long-pressing on an app in the jump list.

But they can't exercise them until they vest.For each person, 40% of these options vest on Feb. Paprika also picked up a feature in early 2015 that allows it to import recipes directly from Safari, Chrome, and other apps that handles web pages and links. Plus, the subscription prices on some other apps could have you paying a considerably more than $5 after a few years, or even just a few months.
And as with other apps that import recipes, sometimes things get weird, wrong, or hard to understand when the text gets parsed. Here are the apps we tried that do more than that, but nevertheless didn’t make the cut. The old options of Pin to Start, Rate and Review, and Uninstall are still available, but now there is also a Share option along with the others. The workaround is to email a plain-text version to your phone or print it out, but that’s not as nice as Paprika’s Android or iOS options, which let you view your lists on your other devices, or export them to other to-do list apps. That's on top of a $45 million restricted stock grant after transitioning to executive chairman.

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