For Pure Investors: If you are someone who believes in long term investing, earning dividends and execute no more than 30-40 trades in a year then frankly it does not matter as to which stock broker you choose. You pay brokerage for each trade, mostly a fraction of your trade value for example 0.50% of your total trade value. Brokerage houses publishing equity research reports is like firefighters setting places on fire to get work.
If you are a more seasoned trader and would like to cut your brokerage costs, chose a low profile discount broker who focuses on cost cutting more than advertising and add-on services.
In your case the brokerage surely is directly related to the trade value being 0.10 paise per unit minimum making it a stronger case.
Depending on your quantum and frequency of trade, you may want to choose a commercial bank backed company like – ICICI Direct. In my view Zerodha is the best brokerage house in India, have been using their services for year now. I came across alice brokerage firm which offers unlimited trading for Rs.9999 for 25 years. Came across this while looking out for options and comparisions of best discount brokerage houses. I am new trader in online stock market and I am planning to hire with My Value Trade discount broker.

Ideally, make a list of services you want from your broker and then compare the charges and services provided by different stock brokers (also see – factors to consider below). As said above, having a brokerage account at the same place where you have your bank account will make it easy to transact. In this case you will have to separately link your bank account with your brokerage account to transfer funds between your accounts which will delay transaction time. Research reports, advisory services, relationship managers in my experience are best avoided. This allows investors to read analysts’ coverage on companies or sectors of interest, or access data on companies. If you are starting out for the first time in stocks then irrespective of your potential size of trades and frequency choose full service banking subsidiary for brokerage. Also you can see many people complaining about this Sharekahn policy if you search for sharekhan penny stock brokerage in web. I am a total beginner to stock market and would like to use spare cash for intra day trading. Kindly let me know if I do on an average 2 trades whether it is worth to switch over to this brokerage firm.
I have subscribed to your service recently and I think you should also offer stock broking account for ease of trading.

Examples of non banking brokerage houses – Angel Securities, Sharekhan, and India Infoline. Moreover, research reports issued by brokerage houses are available to all and not just their customers.
While their brokerage structures can seem like daylight robbery their level of support and the ease of transactions will be unmatched.
There is no harm in opening more than one account and test driving what works the best for you. I dont want to follow news or read reports to make up my mind on which stocks to short each day. The table below represents the variable brokerage structure you can opt for based on your volume of trading. Since you are a beginner, I think there is merit in starting off with a brokerage account which you can open with your bank.

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