I have a starter position in here and intend on adding more to this giving the right opportunities.
Individual investors and retail traders can trade penny stocks even if they have smaller brokerage accounts. The best way to find penny stocks to buy right now is to start by eliminating the worst penny stocks. Most of the time people get burned trading penny stocks because they are either illegitimate companies being fraudulently promoted, or (more common) they are small companies that don’t have a lot of trading volume.
That means you can really limit your risk by looking for penny stocks with a lot of trading volume. Fundamentals are another thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for the best penny stocks to buy. If you are going to buy penny stocks, I really encourage you to focus only on the best penny stocks available.
As a baseline for fundamental analysis of penny stocks, you just want to be sure that you’re not overpaying for a scam company.
One way that you can figure out how to find the best penny stocks to buy is by using a stock screener. Watch the short video below so you can get an idea of how to find the best penny stocks efficiently. Penny stock trading can be very profitable if you do it right, you just need to know how to find penny stocks to buy that won’t end up costing you money.
And By The Way: If you find yourself short on penny stock ideas, sign up for email updates below to get exclusive trading ideas available only through email. This entry was posted in Stock Ideas and tagged best penny stocks to buy on October 22, 2013 by Jworthy. Stock Ideas DisclaimerStockIdeas.org is a personal website intended for educational purposes only. I love it when i have a list of top penny stocks to watch and potentially buy to blog about. Such as $PLUG, this top penny stock  that I blogged HERE has ripped over 100% already from when i first alerted it to my best trading students HERE . But lets get to the nitty Gritty and show case the Top 6 penny stocks to watch as I said i surely would! Now I have 3 More that are making moves that also have a lot of potential and definitely worth watching and also possibly trading.

Penny stocks are relatively cheap shares that investors buy up in bulk in an effort to make a quick return on their investment by holding their hot penny stocks until they gain in value, then selling them all quickly in order to make money. One important thing to keep in mind is that many penny stock picks are actually cheap stock options that are already in decline. Sirius xm radio has a couple of important factors to recommend it as being amongst the best penny stocks to buy: firstly, it has demonstrated a growth of over 72% since January of 2010, a good indicator for penny stock health.
Next up on the list of hot penny stocks to buy is IGOI, which is in the business of manufacturing and distributing electronics products.
There's no stopping you from doing your own selections of penny stocks to buy - you can set aside a small amount of money and start off small by picking a couple of hot penny stocks and investing in them.
In Fous4 Cameron really tells you how to become a profitable trader from start to finish Swinging stocks, from proved successful chart patterns with exact entry points, stops and exit strategies to how to manage a trade when your in it using chart examples.
Its the best most informative trading video i've seen, it really puts everything in order in your mind. I now have total clarity of what i need to do to consistantly make money in the stock market. Awesome addition to Fous4, this time Cameron tells you how to profit in stocks on an intraday basis as his 1st DVD focuses on Swing Trading alone.
Such as looking at a few of our success stories HERE and My Special Report stocks have had a history of performing quite well such as looking HERE and HERE .
And in our analysis, we’ll be sure to focus only on the best penny stocks (and avoid the high-risk trades).
Even if you are strictly a technical trader you can really save yourself some pain by avoiding penny stocks without any fundamental value. Look for penny stocks with fundamental value, and then wait for the technical set-ups to take place. It gives me that winning feeling like the next big penny stock pick is about to breakout and rake us in some HUGE PROFITS!
Now these are not just random penny stocks I pulled out of my arse and decided to throw out here on my blog. Many first time investors seek penny stocks to buy as their introductory shares - as holdings that will allow them to get a feel for investing or to make some quick initial money. They key is to look for the best penny stocks to buy that have strong earnings and that are actually growing. Make an excel spreadsheet, noting important factors like your purchase date and their current market value at that time, so that you can better track the progress of your penny stock holdings over time.

So if you want to buy 200 shares at a time, you should look for penny stocks with over 200K shares traded daily.
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There is something comforting about hot penny stocks in the sense that they often cost a fraction of normal share prices; people feel some security in this.
After even a couple months of watching their rises and falls, you will begin to become more comfortable with the general behavior of your hot penny stocks.
This is why it is so gosh dang important that you understand my strategy and you can utilize my penny stock watch list that i send out every day as we have been monitoring this stock for weeks. However, it's important to remember when looking for the best penny stocks to buy, that penny stocks are still just that - stocks. The reason alliance fiber optic products ranks amongst the best penny stocks to buy is that has outperformed two earnings estimates in a row.
IGOI last traded at $1.95 per share and still has strong momentum behind its new product devision, placing iGo high on the list of the best penny stocks to buy. Many investors concerned with getting the low-down on the best penny stocks to buy are in the game for the short trade - they want to buy hot penny stocks when they are low, but growing well, and then turn around quickly to sell them. The next thing to consider when trying to figure out the best penny stocks to buy would be the current market value of the given penny stock picks, so you can budget exactly how many shares you can get yourself for the amount of money you're willing to invest and risk.
Industry analysts expect the company to continue succeeding, so positive growth can be expected, putting SIRI on the list of hot penny stocks to buy. You could look for penny stock pics that cost around 30 cents per share, buy 1,000 of them, wait until they appreciate up to 35 cents per penny stock, then turn around and sell them for a profit of $50.
You can imagine the potential for earnings especially when these stocks are bought in serious bulk. Lots of pro traders go for big bulk buys on penny stocks and wait for incremental increases in their value to sell off the whole lot and make a killing - in no time flat! According to The Wall Street Journal, throughout 2014 investors have been pumping funds into penny stocks for the chance to get large returns as the market continues a mostly bullish run.It's true that the comparatively tiny companies behind penny stocks offer more risk to investors due to smaller market capitalizations.
Penny stocks' low prices can lead to scams, as can their low trading volume, lack of company history, and liquidity.But penny stocks can also be a draw as investors can jump in on small companies with big ideas that become global successes.

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