I like most of what you do and teach but you have made some embarrasing comments in discussing options in this lesson.
First, you said " when you buy a put option you are obligated to sell shares at the strike price" That is not so.
What you will be doing with this trend trading strategy is determining the trend and entering multiple trades in the direction of that prevailing trend. This is one of the best trend trading strategy that really simple and you can use it in all timeframes and even use it as a forex scalping system. Refer to this chart and examples of trades for the detailed explanations that will be given below. I said in order for you to be successful with this amazing strategy is not to bail out to soon and take your small profits and run. But if you are one of those forex traders that like trading moving averages, then let me tell you that this trading strategy has great potential. Thanks for the response,i must agree that price action methods are the best from what i have seen and experienced. The 3EMAS swing trading system is a very simple trading strategy that is based on 3 exponential moving averages(ema).
You can use previous swing low levels as your profit target for a sell trade or previous swing high level for a buy trade. Or another option is not to have a profit target but use a trailing stop to place behind each lower swing high(for a sell trade) as  your trade moves in favour so that your can ride out that trend for as long as you can extracting maximum pips out of the price swing until you get sopped out. For a buy order, place your stop loss 2-5 pips below the low of the candlestick that has its high broken which then activated your buy stop order.
For a sell order, place your stop loss 2-5 pips above the high of the candlestick that has it low broken which then activated your  sell stop order. If price moves a great deal, when you enter a trade, it may be due for a reversal and this would also get you stopped out. Great strategy, I use a similar strategy on the daily charts combined with reversal candles to enter the market. Its not about following every forex strategy as it is on this side or any other forex sites for that matter but to actually get a few trading ideas and techniques here and there, combine it together and develop a trading strategy that you would be comfortable in using and knowing full well that each trading system has its strengths and weaknesses.

In this blog post we will discuss more advanced options trading strategies:Vertical Spreads andStraddles and Strangles.Don't worry! The usual formulation is that the buyer of an option has the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell the shares involved.
If you have, that’s awesome because what I am about to show you can change the way you trade forex and in fact the trend trading strategy and technique that I am going to show you here has the potential to increase your forex trading account fast when done properly(with risk management).
Your stop loss should be placed just above the recent lower swing high (peak) if its not more than 30 pips away.
Best option is to place a buy stop order 2-3 pips above the high of that bullish candlestick anticipating a breakout of the high. For example, you have opened a 10th trade on the 10th pullback, and you have moved all your stop losses for the previous 9 open trades down to the stop loss level of the 10th trade you just place.
This is a faster way to increase profits and therefore increase your trading account fast because you are not limiting your profits but allowing them to run and adding more positions along the way with very little risk to each new trade that you place. In my opinion, the real secret to taking high probability trades with such a trend trading system is by using reversal candlestick patterns. I have used one of your basic Forex strategies the 200 EMA one which has been very profitable.I would like to start using this one because it looks like it could give me better returns on my risk but after reading this and going over the charts im still not a hundred percent sure how to fully get the best out of this strategy. I never have traded commodities and have very little trading exposure to the equities market so I cant say anything on that. There are certain catalysts that may help speed up the rate at which you make profits on your investment one of these is the ability of an investor to identify the day trading stock pick with the right potentials to synthesize profits.Many investors would have been more successful if they had recognize the potentials and viability of day trading stock pick in making any business of their choice more interesting adventure.
You may choose to sell shares at that price if Apple has fallen below 420 when the option expires, or before then if you choose.
If no nearby lower swing high is there, then place stop loss at 30 pips from the high of the bearish reversal candlestick pattern.
Now you will have to move the stop losses for the first trade and the second trade down and place them in the level where the stop loss for trade 3 was placed.
A trader that makes use of the best day trading stock pick may not run out of cash to certain extents.
Executives from both companies said the agrichemicals businesses […]Volatility the surest bet in stocks after Fed meetsStock market investors are ready for the first U.S.

He is likely to win at all times because he has the advantage of direction, instruction, and guidance on which way to go about stock trading as a business it will be so difficult for such investor to make crucial decisions based on superficial facts. I used the following example:AAPL is trading at $440, and we believe that AAPL will not trade below $425 until expiration (18 more days). Federal Reserve interest rate hike in nearly a decade next week, but they may not be fully prepared for all of the nuanced […]The Fed AwakensBarring a shock, the Federal Reserve will raise U.S. So moving trade 1 and 2 stop losses means that you you have locked in profits for trade 1 and 2  and if trade 3 goes profitable, you will continue to repeat the process for each subsequent pullbacks that happen. It must also be pointed out that one cannot depend on a particular day trading stock pick simply because it may amount to putting all the eggs in one basket which we all know may not be too promising.You must therefore put every fact to verification in order to be certain of its authenticity and that you must be ready to go extra mile in making sure that you make the right decision in the market without putting your investment on the line. One major way to identify the best day trading stock pick is how frequent such stock is picked by other stock analysts and the number of investors patronizing it.
For a more detailed explanation please take a look at the previous blog post).We can limit our risk, if we BUY a $420 put option. In our example you can sell it at $420.When SELLING a put option, you have to BUY the underlying stock at the strike price. However, by buying the $420 put we can sell AAPL shares for $420, and therefore we are limiting our risk. I used the following example:AAPL is trading around $440 and we think that AAPL will move higher and trade at or above $480 at expiration date (in 18 days).
AAPL) with the same expiration date, but different strike prices.When trading straddles, you think that the stock is about to move, but you don't know (yet) whether the stock prices will go up or down. The cheaper the options, the lower the break-even point and the faster you'll be "in the money".That's why many charting software packages provide powerful "scanners". When I was trading options back in 1989, I analyzed all options of the 30 stocks in the Dax with my Casio calculator.

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