When volatility is high; prices close far away from the moving average, the Bands width increases to accommodate more possible price action movement that can fall within 95% of the mean.
When volatility is low; prices close closer towards the moving average, the width decreases to reduce the possible price action movement that can fall within 95% of the mean. As experts in the Low Volatility space, we offer a unique approach with our Low Volatility US equity strategy. When the bollinger bands is moving sideways it is best to stay on the sidelines and not to place any trades.

Summit Global Investments principals have decades of experience managing significant low volatility portfolios for Institutions and have worked with leading U.S. This systematic approach to investing in lower risk, lower volatility stocks gives us the opportunity to build portfolios that perform better, protect better, provide more diversification, and give investors a smoother ride.
As a component of Institutions equity allocation, SGI's low volatility investing delivers superior risk adjusted returns that complement higher beta strategies, hedge funds and traditional growth and value fundamental managers. Contact us for more detailed information on our unique approach to low volatility investing.

To learn more about the investment options available to you within Summit Global Investments, call or email us today.

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