Slippage refer to the difference between your desired price and the lower price you sold at.For day traders, every tick counts. However, it compensates for price gaps, which are not prominent in day trading time-frames. We calculated the average hourly range of the 10 futures contracts and multiplied them by their point value. Day trading margins are lower than overnight margins, giving day traders more bang for the buck.
However, it applies only if you close the position before the end of each session.Your broker decides on the day trading margin.
In fact, some futures brokers do not offer day trading margins and need you to post the full overnight margin regardless of your holding period.The lower the margins, the less trading capital you need to keep in your trading account.

Day traders love low margins.We ranked the 10 futures contracts according to the day trading margins my broker offers.
Consider the following in choosing the best futures for day trading.More Considerations For Choosing the Right Futures ContractConsider other futures exchanges. In other exchanges, there are several futures contracts that are popular among day traders.
Futures trading costs include a variety of fees including commission and the market data feed. Vary the time-frame, time period, markets, and component weights to arrive at your own conclusion.There are dozens of futures products out there. It was difficult to start.But now, you have a logical framework for finding the best futures for day trading.

Like many, I have a day job and would like to daytrade, but can’t daytrade my home markets because I am at work. Cancel reply Get Updates via EmailSubscribe for TSR updates and get a free eBook - “Day Trading with the Anti-Climax Pattern”. The most beautiful part of the series is that Galen has analyzed all the practical examples with great detail and with his lots of experience in day trading.
Understanding price action is the real key to profitable trading and thats what Galen's course provides.

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