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I’ve found the Infinity Futures AT (Active Trader) platform to be my favorite order execution platform for trading futures. To get started you can download a free copy of the Infinity Futures AT Platform and begin trading a practice account rig...
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February 13, 2012 By Marcello Arrambide Leave a Comment I had to share this post that I just created about what everyone thinks Day Traders do. If so, please join over 50,000 people who receive exclusive weekly day trading and investing tips, and ge...
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As strong as Compound Gold was during those post-crisis years, the algorithm cooled right along with the gold market. Of course, as you well know, with every depreciation in price, a whole new set of opportunities opens up for a low buy-in. Which mea...
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Phishing scams include email and websites that are created to install malicious software on your computer with the intent to steal personal information from you, such as banking passwords, in order to steal your money. Often times phishing scam email...
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The apparel stores industry stocks had several earning surprises in the last quarters – positive and negative. The earnings season bring with it a lot of swing trading opportunities, especially to these stocks that have history of earning surp...
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