The Trader Tutor Elite Trader Program is so powerful that upon graduation you will become a member of our group of professional and highly educated day traders.
The biggest mistake novice day traders make is chasing their trade entries AND their trade exits. As in any profession, to be a profitable day trader you need the right day trader education and tools. A daily profit target is simply the amount of money that a day trader sets out to make for a single day.
Taking control of your life and becoming a successful day trader can mean trading on the floor of an office for a firm in your area, or you can decide to take advantage of modern online day trading. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Our unique day and swing trading service that combines education and day trading alerts in one service. I was a newbie to daytrading when I joined the pit, and I questioned whether the Pit was just another Pump and Dump place that would gladly take my membership money. My surprise came and what I didn't expect was that I was receiving an education on trading the markets and being taught by a master. A few of my trading friends are appalled at the idea of a pit leader and favor the more traditional investment approach. Before trading here, I would stay in positions until the value was embarrassing and I resorted to message boards for the strength to stay while praying for recovery.
The Trading Pit for me is not only a place where calls are made but more important a learning tool. Lastly, in closing, I cant express my gratitude for your hard work and willingness to share your knowledge, I feel I am learning from a true master of the DayTrading game. The daily gross (excluding commissions) of my trading account has recently been positive for 34 straight trading days, netting a positive day 85% of the time.
The combination of enthusiasm, trust, and ignorance, along with the advice from "that other trading desk" relieved me of over $250,000 in a little less than one year. I've been position trading for about 18 months and do just fine; however, your system is the first I've come across that puts the nuts & bolts together superbly. I am gaining confidence as a trader and most days it seems like I can easily exceed $2,000 ( I don’t have a daily goal as I believe in taking only what the market can give me).

We firmly believe that you cannot learn and consistently make money with day trading by just blindly copying the trades of someone, because (1) you will always be a few cents late on the entry, (2) you will always be a few cents late on the exit, and (3) you won’t understand the rationale for the entry unless the person explains it in detail to you not just after the trade, but ideally before and during a trade. We only trade mid-cap (such as CRM, FEYE, KITE, FB) and blue-chip, large-cap stocks (like AAPL, AMZN, FB), because they are easier for new day traders to trade. You need a $25,000 balance in your trading account and access to margin that would allow you to buy up to $100,000 (i.e.
Our friendly lawyers advised us not to promise anything and openly warn you of the risks of day trading and swing trading. The time you invest in your day trader education and tools, like any good foundation, comes at a cost.
Professional day traders, at proprietary trading firms, often set a daily profit target and stop loss for themselves. To make money online day trading, you must become an expert in the markets you are trading by putting in the hard work and time, investing in yourself as a trader. Those who have chosen remote day trading, as a career, dream of being their own business man or businesswoman and look forward to the unlimited earning potential that provides. Our live day and swing trading chat room allows you to shadow successful day trader and published author Jea Yu every single day, and watch and hear him enter his trades. We believe that you can learn best by not just blindly following our alerts, but also hearing us explain in real-time what we’re seeing. Real-time analysis and alerts: In our day trading room, Jea alerts his trades in real-time with clear entry, exit, stop suggestions. Ask questions: Throughout the day, ask Jea about any stocks you are thinking about trading and Jea will explain whether or not he thinks it’s a sound day trading set-up. Videos, articles and resources library: Your membership gives you unlimited access to our ever-expanding library of useful education content where Jea reviews his trades of the week in great detail – both good trades and bad trades. I've been a member since September, and cannot imagine trying to daytrade without your and the pit's support. You hear it all of the time so perhaps you've built some defenses for ego-preservation, but you're the best. Emotions kill performance and although I'm very happy that things are going so well and my account is growing in leaps and bounds, I'm *MUCH* more grateful for the education that I'm getting. I am improving on taking my stops and have greatly improved my decisions on trades that I should enter (which goes a long way to reduce the number of stops one needs to take.) Most days I do 4 or 5 trades and a busy day for me is 10 trades.

After the free trial period, you will be charged the stated subscription fee. Please note that the video and education section is available only to paying members, and will be activated automatically after the free trial period. Chasing your trades occurs when a day trader opens a position after a trend has been very well established. Before, during and after a day trade that Jea alerts, you can watch and hear him – in real-time – comment on how a trade is developing. I can't express how much I feel you have helped me round out my trading, and can only imagine how taxing it is at your end. I hooked up Qcharts, watch the ndoos all day long with you and have learned a ton in 10 days. Also want to say what a pleasure the pit is all day long -- NOT a bunch of idiots saying stupid things all day long!
Not only do we provide our full day trading system as part of your subscription fee, so there’s no separate course to purchase, but we provide ongoing, real-time mentorship in the day trading chat room every single day. The best part is that I can now actively trade during the cruddy and sideways markets that I needed to sit out between market cycles in the past. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. I have been trading since January 1999 but did not find the underground pit until January 2000.
To tell you the truth I was ready to walk away from daytrading and simply depend on my mutual funds. In fact, you can lose some or all of your money day trading, if you lack the right skills, platform and risk management approach.
You need to build a sound foundation first, and might want to paper trade using a trading simulator.

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