Chris Smith is the sole owner of Banners Broker International since inception and is the sole signing officer for the Banners Broker International bank accounts. Banners Broker places your advertising on the publishing network and as an Ad-Pub Combo member you earn your initial advertising cost back twice according to Banners Broker. If you don’t have a business or website, you can promote your own free Banners Broker affiliate website. For this review we have contacted top leaders in Banners Broker, corporate executives, former top affiliates and employees and researched the Banners Brokers on-line presentations. The company uses its buying power to sell banner impressions to the highest bidders, this is being done through a blind advertising network.

As a member you have to upload your own banners, or the Banners Broker banners, targeting your niche and region, country or city and Banners Broker will place your banners automatically on the internet and generate traffic for your website.
A member who buys the $25 package will receive 1,000 banner impressions (panel cost of $10). Banners Broker is not a traditional Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing company but is a direct selling company with an affiliate business model.
After reaching the traffic cap panel, Banners Broker gives twice a 1,000 banner impressions. As long as affiliates keep pushing the business model, the enormous profits generated by Banners Brokers will grow and the company will most likely not have any cash problem.

Banners Brokers could be the hottest thing on earth or a Ponzi scheme, the company is not open about their compensation plan. In our opinion a very small percentage of your intitial investment will be spend on Banner impressions, however that is again a business decision and not a red flag. Per 100,000 members $1,5 million profit per month is flowing into Banners Broker bank account.

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