Binary Options have been a hit among a new breed of traders which are willing to take a high risk with their investment, hoping for quick profits.
When trading binary options, you will not purchase and own any commodity or asset; you would actually bet on whether the derivative (underlying asset) will gain or lose on value during a set period of time. Until 2008 there was no regulation of Binary Options Trading, which is now under regulation by the U.S. Until the middle of 2013 only a few dozens of dedicated binary option brokers competed aggressively in the US market.
For example: Banc De Binary Europe, by many heralded as one of the best brokers worldwide, had to cease serving the US market.

A very high number of complaints, a flawed withdrawal process and suspect bonus system led to Banc De Binary’s problems with the SEC. Binary Option trading is considered as a safe and profitable trading system in controlled investment manner.
Before that, Banc de Binary has already won several awards at international level for its excellent trading platforms, secured trading system, and expert brokers. As Banc de Binary has been awarded many times for its performances, it is considered as the industry leader in the market of binary option trading. Important disclosure: We recommend some binary options trading sites for information purposes only.

That changed rapidly when internet marketers flooded the web with products that, supposedly, will make you a million dollars in profits by trading binary option. The island of Cyprus is a full member of the European Union (EU) and was the first country to regulate binary option trading. The traders can seek assistance for the problems related to accounting, trading, withdrawal, and technical trouble.

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