Once you sign up using your email ID, the system automatically redirects you to the Banc De Binary via “valaffiliate”.
In case you never heard about Banc De Binary before, it’s actually a betting platform where you can earn money by guessing correctly whether the value of a certain company’s stocks would increase or decrease. What’s happening here is that Ivan is having your money deposited in Banc De Binary, and earning commission for each deposit he makes. Binary Options have been a hit among a new breed of traders which are willing to take a high risk with their investment, hoping for quick profits. When trading binary options, you will not purchase and own any commodity or asset; you would actually bet on whether the derivative (underlying asset) will gain or lose on value during a set period of time. Until 2008 there was no regulation of Binary Options Trading, which is now under regulation by the U.S.
Until the middle of 2013 only a few dozens of dedicated binary option brokers competed aggressively in the US market. For example: Banc De Binary Europe, by many heralded as one of the best brokers worldwide, had to cease serving the US market. A very high number of complaints, a flawed withdrawal process and suspect bonus system led to Banc De Binary’s problems with the SEC. In a statement dated June 6, 2013, the CFTC announced that it has filed a civil complaint against Banc de Binary for illegally practicing as an intermediary within the financial markets. After 2 years of investigation with Banc de Binary, the CFTC reproached it for having offered to clients residing in the United States the opportunity to invest within the financial markets through its website for the online trading of binary options. Currently, the CFTC only authorizes very rarely the possibility for companies to offer the purchase or sale of binary options.

This is why the CFTC has filed a complaint in order to convict Banc de Binary for outright prohibition to exercise its activity of binary options trading in the U.S.
This point is also reproached by the CFTC to Banc de Binary, which has never conducted it and authorizes beginners to sometimes invest considerable sums without any knowledge of the financial markets. Following this investigation with the Banc de Binary and after having received numerous complaints from clients adversely affected by binary options brokers, the CFTC launches an alert on its website. On Banc de Binary, there are also many clients’ comments denouncing these practices on different forums. However, you should not place all brokers in the same category; before choosing your broker, we advise you to read our comparative chart of the binary options brokers, including the comments of different clients. At present, and in view of the complaint filed by the CFTC against Banc de Binary, we can not recommend this binary options broker to you and we encourage you to turn to brokers with the best reputation.
I was giving a benefit of doubt when i first saw the many complaints, but now I can personally said that indeed they are true. That changed rapidly when internet marketers flooded the web with products that, supposedly, will make you a million dollars in profits by trading binary option.
Was supposed to put in credit card for activatin which i was uncomfortable to after reading many of complaints on the internet.
The island of Cyprus is a full member of the European Union (EU) and was the first country to regulate binary option trading.
Scouring the internet for more than a week, reading reviews and opinions, hundreds of complaints and reports of wrong doings, I had to make a decision. Banc De Binary is probably the best known binary options broker in the world and a company with almost legendary status in the trading community.

Quite the contrary – thanks to its great and versatile offer, Banc De Binary is still at the very top of this industry and it doesn’t seem that they will lose that spot anytime soon.
Banc De Binary excels here, as well, because of numerous Banc De Binary Minimum Deposit methods traders have at their disposal at all time.
No matter if you’re from Brazil, China or Tajikistan, you are likely to find some sort of alternative deposit method here.Banc De Binary Trading PlatformThis feature is unique to this broker and the ultimate proof of the company’s dedication to their clients’ interests. Banc De Binary Withdrawals are just as easy and just as versatile with absolutely no fees attached to them. All Banc De Binary complaints can be easily dismissed when you realize that, apart from usual SSL protection and CySEC license, products such as MaxMind and PCI are also utilized to ensure the best possible protection.
However, once you take a closer look at these Banc De Binary complaints, the one thing that will catch you attention immediately is the fact that the authors of such complaints have almost always lost their money through their own mistakes and are now looking for a way to blame the broker for that. Banc De Binary has been in this business for years; it has built an impeccable reputation among traders and will certainly not risk everything to perform some petty scam.
Banc De Binary has been on the market for more than six years and its results speak for themselves – thousands of satisfied clients, a perfect security system, some of the highest payouts in the industry and many more top-level characteristics along with a whole lot of experience guarantee a perfect service in every possible way.
So don’t waste your time, open an account with this company now and enjoy the very best binary options market has to offer. The risks involved in trading binary options are high and may not be suitable for all traders.

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