I spotted something on algorithmic trading on your blog, and finance and investment are a bit of a hobby of mine.
I recently lost over $40,000 with AlgoTrades, the algorithmic trading service being hustled by Chris Vermeulen. Of course, Vermeulen does not indict his new system for the first month’s 30 % losses since the new rollout of his algorithmic product on Sept 1, 2015, but rather cites the unusual volatility of the recent markets as the culprit. I am sending you a press release about a Canadian trader who has worked out a successful trading technique based on an algorithm, and a new trio of former Harvard fellows have made an app allowing you to do it yourself.

The successful institutional algorithmic and high frequency traders that make money have extraordinary advantages over individuals trying to mimic their techniques.
Max peak-to-valley drawdown is 2.4% and many of our clients are asking for more diverse and active automated trading solutions to expand their portfolios. Brokers and certain types of professional institutional investors get trading costs lowered dramatically, and are not subject to the same capital gains tax laws as individuals (at least in the US) based on high volume buying and selling of stocks, so they don’t have that inefficiency problem.
But for you, high volume trading is likely deathly to your individual account, due to costs and taxes.

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