My team  has chosen Telerik Test Studio as test automation tool to increase test coverage and to convert some manual tests into automated scripts.
Most of us realize the utilities of both, but the confusion stems from the extent of automated testing for your software. By creating a suite of automated tests, we can basically create tests that run just like a QA person might manually run.  Because these executing scripts are automated tests, we can run them at the end of every sprint or periodically after each build to check that nothing that was working before is now broken.
Here, we make a case for intelligently deployed automated software testing and its benefits.Benefits of Automated Software TestingTest Automation is essentially using code to create programs that perform automated tests for your software. The way this is different from manual testing is, instead of actually performing the test, one creates an automated testing scenario and supervises it. Test automation is extensively used for regression testing, which seeks out new bugs in a program and separates them. Here is where automated tests come in and make life easy for a software testing professional.

Apart from this code-driven testing type, the other arena for automated testing is user environment simulation.
Testing software can be created to replicate typical user environment using automated keystrokes and mouse clicks. The software GUI response is recorded and analysed as per the automated input.Efficient TestingTest automation is a way to make the testing process extremely efficient. The testing team can be strategically deployed to tackle the tricky, case specific tests while the automation software can handle the repetitive, time consuming tests that every software has to go through. This is a great way to not only save up on time, money and resources, but also to generate a high ROI.Upgradation and ReusabilityOne of the best aspects of test automation is that the testing software is reusable. Thus, even though one of the main criticisms against test automation is the expense, one has to realize that automation software is a long lasting, reusable product which can justify its cost.ConsistencyTest automation provides a consistent platform for your testing needs.
Automation drastically reduces the margin of error in the testing scenario by going through pre-recorded instructions.

In-house automated software developed by testing firms are modelled such that they have enough flexibility to handle a unique product, while complying with the latest security and testing protocols. With automated testing this process becomes incredibly easy.Get in touch with OptimusQA for more information regarding automated testing.
As we saw above, automated testing can make things in the testing lab very easy and tester friendly.

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