I wrote a very simple automated strategy which follows trending waves spectacularly well until the end. It is essential to rapidly identify when consolidation has started and suspend trading or adopt different rules until a new trend begins.
For the first year I traded a live account with real money which forged my opinions about trading. My belief is that it is possible to trade profitably using nothing more than a few simple automated rules. Personally I'm against trading the 1 min charts as it is very unstable and the indicators will give you a whole lot of trouble throwing alot of buy and sell signals. I don't think there are many people looking at Automated Trading here (I'm one of them, maybe there are others lurking around), but the folks here have some good ideas and are very willing to offer ideas and advice.

If you have a trading system that you think or know is very good you can find companies online that will code the strategy for you and put it into a computer and run back testing simulations on it for a fee $. Yes, there are many ready-made automated strategies and companies that will code your idea for you, which is exactly how I got started. As for an automated way of implementing trading systems, I'm not very into it and am one of those old school traders. Incidentally, I also developed an automatic strategy based on Bollinger Bands knowing that is a mathematical fact that about 98% of prices will be within two standard deviations of the average, but that was a different idea altogether, which I will return to one day. If you find someone good it can take years and lots of money depending on the trading system you are trying to automate. And was thinking how I can incorporate it into my trading system too, cos it does have a better reaction time than the EMA or MA averages.

But I do admit it has it's plus, as there is no personal bias or psychological barriers when trading. Many simple MA cross over systems are available to buy already automated and they are plug and play with a 33 to 44% win rate. From studies I have read online these have back tested 1,000 % + returns over a 20 year time period so the proof of trading money management works as shown by computers and these back testing systems. But you need to have the capital to last draw downs and know the system has good programming.

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