This online course shows you step-by-step how to build a sophisticated automated stock trading model using Microsoft Excel.
Stock trading can be quite frustrating, especially considering the extensive calculations that need to be done in order to speculate outcomes with high accuracy. Robotic systems in trading are automated systems wherein the trader can provide specific trading algorithms and the computer would then make buying and selling decisions based on the specified rules. Robotic Trading Systems work completely on the basis of codes that have been programed into the processing system. There are different trading software which offer specific actions such as placing order, identifying profitable trading opportunities, etc.
Examples of Fully Automated versions include “Interactive Brokers”, “WealthLab” and “TradeStation”.

Microsoft's Visual Basic (VBA) language is used in conjunction with Excel's user interface, formulas, and calculation capabilities to deliver a powerful and flexible trading tool. Moreover, the dynamic nature of stock trading requires constant monitoring of the market so that the perfect condition for selling or buying securities. The entry and exit rules for trading can either include very simple logic (for example moving average crossover) or it could involve complex trading strategies which would require thorough knowledge of the programming language used for defining the trading logic. These codes contain explicit trading rules that function on the basis of complex calculation and speculation algorithms.
The Model includes five proven technical indicators (ADX, moving average crossovers, stochastics, Bollinger bands, and DMI).
As a means to facilitate the process, automated trading systems (known as Robotic Trading Systems) were developed for providing a computer operated system that would make buying and selling decisions based on predefined trading algorithms.

Only when the market conditions and the trading scenario complies with the rules that have been defined by the trader, does the system place an order with the stock broker for buying or selling specific stocks. Fully automated versions, however, are capable of placing orders with the broker as soon as favourable conditions are met. After building the model, you simply import the data you need, run the model automatically with a click of a button, and make your trading decisions.
The system operates with your choice of FREE ASCII .TXT files available on the internet, or your subscription data service.

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