With charting by exception, the nurse generally starts by working with a standard systems flow sheet (Fig. Figure AppD-5 shows a graphic flow sheet that indicates multiple areas of routine charting. FIGURE 2 ยท Example of problem area (focus) chartin...
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You can add a Regression(14) line and wait for the bars to close on the other side of regression with all the other signals. A good filter for this strategy is making Sellstop or Buystop orders at the low or high of the day before..
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In this series of articles, we will cover the various "Moneyness of Options" - basically In the Money Options, At the money Options and Out of the Money options. By definition, If the exercise price of a call option is less than the present market (...
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I believe that traders can learn some useful trading lessons from the motivational quotes by Albert Einstein. Losing is part of the game but recovering is not an easy task and requires smarter trading decisions. So if your trading account is down 5...
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