TweetFutures and options fall under the category of financial instruments called derivatives which owe their name to the fact that their value derives from other financial assets such as stocks, currencies, indices, interest rates, bonds, commodities etc. Futures are forward contracts in which the parties agree to buy or sell a certain amount of maturity financial assets at a fixed price.
Options are contracts that do not involve an obligation but only the right to buy or sell a certain amount at maturity of the underlying financial asset at a given price established.
Futures & Options is an integrated Recruitment & Training company offering end to end services in human capital needs , solutions & Career counseling.

Futures & Options was established in 1996 when Headhunting & Recruiting was a new concept in India.
For example, if the subject A and B enter into oil futures, they decide the price at which the oil will exchange between a year and maturity is required to sell and buy at the price initially established.
In addition, to get into futures you do not pay anything apart from the security deposits while to enter into an option contract you pay a premium.
There are exchange traded financial derivatives and other unlisted, also called OTC (over the counter) which are more dangerous because they have not been monitored by regulators and sold or purchased directly between buyers and sellers.

To return to the derivatives that are traded on an exchange instead, the most important of them are futures and options.

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