At the current position of the Indian market, investing in mid-cap stocks in 2015, hoping for multibaggers, might be a little risky. The present momentum of Wipro's broad based growth is highly likely to continue in 2014 as well. Banking sector may recently see much volatility and lack of promise due to RBI announcements, but SBI is almost a surefire large cap stock with little chance of loss if you go long term. One of the best performing large cap stocks in 2013, Bharti Airtel cannot be neglected as we build our ideal large cap portfolio for 2014-15. The fifth largest generics company in the United States, Lupin is experiencing a promising growth in Asia and has remained an outperformer in the Indian stock market.
Hemant Thakural, Aditya Birla Money, told CNBC-TV 18 that he feels tyre stocks have lots of steam left. The automobile sector is presently witnessing a dull period, and there is not much hope unless the government changes in the 2014 Loksabha elections. While these are the top 10 large cap stock recommendations for 2014 from us, you can also consider buying Sun Pharma, HCL Technologies, and Reliance Industries. Companies which has solid fundamentals and are paying high dividend are termed as High Dividend Yield Stocks here. Now Company-1 stock price is higher than earnings growth and your money does not grow faster.
Avoid companies which distribute maximum dividend out of their profits as there is less scope for expansion for such companies.
Top-10 High Dividend Yield Stocks which meet all these requirements are enclosed in below chart. Conclusion: Take a pen and paper and short list High Dividend Yield stocks for long term investment from this list which meets your requirement. Nevertheless, if you are looking for good large cap stocks for long term value investing, you might want to take a look at our list of top 10 Indian large cap stocks in 2015 here.
The Indian stock market predictions 2015 say that great volatility is awaiting the investors down the road, and the Central Government Election with its varying opinion polls may further contribute to the volatility. Since FMCGs will never be out of demand and inflation will lead to an ever-increasing price, early 2014 stock recommendations may have some large cap FMCG brands.

The appointment of Mr Sanker Parameswaran as the company secretary of ICICI Bank Ltd may turn out to be a positive for the company. Indeed, past performances are not always indicative of future returns, but with Bharti Airel you can expect 30% return in 2014 and over 20% in 2015. Recently, Larsen and Toubro has been in news for their contemplation to develop a manufacturing hub in Oman to cater to the emerging demands of the Middle East.
MRF, JK Tyres, Ceat and Apollo are good stocks to buy from this sector; however we will give MRF an edge over others for a practical reason. The first quarter of 2014 may not come out of the gloom as we do not foresee any government action or change of sentiment. You'll also receive an extensive curriculum (books, articles, papers, videos) in PDF form right away. Last week there was a market correction for a few days and investors would have worried about their stock market investments.
Instead of timing the market, better to invest in low PEG ratio stocks which can help you to grow your money faster. Nevertheless, we can use our best judgments to analyse possible trends in the market, and prepare a list of good large cap stocks to invest in 2015 with long-term horizon. As a thumb-rule, large cap stocks give more risk adjusted returns in volatile market conditions because of their large assets, and are less prone to losses.
The average retail bankers still mostly trust SBI, and it is a good large cap stock to buy in 2014.
The project may significantly increase the stock price of L&T in future and it is a good long term stock you can accumulate in 2014.
However, being greedy when others are fearful, we feel that it might be a good time to buy automobile stocks long term and keep accumulating.
However, few or none of these may suit as trading stocks as we mainly focused on long term investors eyeing moderate returns for less risk. One of the safest ways to invest in the stock market is investing in high dividend yield stocks. Any company where the market capitalization of > Rs 400 Crores are considered here for a short listing a stock.

Such, High dividend yield stocks can help your money to grow faster along with providing a cushion against volatility by benefiting through higher dividend. Only in stable markets, mid-cap stocks outperform large cap or blue chips and come out to be multibagger; however the year 2015 for Indian stock market, predictions show, may not be so promising.
If you are looking for long term stock investment ideas in 2014, we would strongly recommend you keep piling up Infosys or other good large cap stocks to invest. If you think you can take considerable risk to aim for better return potentials, you should go through top 10 mid-cap stocks in 2014 India to be multibaggers.
Investing in high dividend yield stocks would help investors as these would give some cushion against volatility. Thus, unless you are willing to take a significant amount of risk by going for mid caps, you should allocate most of your equity portfolio to large caps this year.
All investing, stock forecasts and investment strategies include the risk of lossĀ forĀ some or even all of your capital.
In this article, I would elaborate about High Dividend Yield Stocks and how investors would benefit from investing in such stocks. Generally, companies would distribute part of their profits as dividend to shareholders and use balance profits for growth of the company.
Means, lower the dividend payout ratio, higher the changes in the company for growth as such money would be used for expansion purpose. Here is a handy list of some good large cap stocks to invest in 2015 in NSE or BSE, ideal for the average investor willing to take moderate risk to outperform debt instruments and get inflation adjusted returns. In the automboile sector, both Maruti Suzuki and M&M are good large cap stocks to buy if you go long term.

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