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The bottom line is that if you want to own a dog, scooping up poop and going outside is simply something you’re going to have to learn to love.
Nowadays, the dachushund is still one of the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the United States thanks to its social nature, cute droopy ears and warm intelligent eyes. Dachunds can have three different types of coats – short haired, long haired, and wire haired.
They’re trusting, affectionate dogs who are friendly with strangers, other pets and small children.
You know after my Saab died I never got the chance to take good care of one even though how much my husband and kids love to.
If you’ve read the blog for awhile or know us in real life, then you know we love animals and we are definitely biology nerds (I stopped teaching high school biology at the end of the 2010 school year and my husband is a molecular biologist). We had an absolutely fabulous time and can’t wait to go back to the Zoo next time we are in San Diego! Disclosure: My family received free admission courtesy of the San Diego Zoo (thank you!!!).
From the dog walking, the poop scooping, the vet appointments, the bathing, the feeding – and not to mention the shedding. Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Yorkshire terriers are tiny little dogs with large personalities. DachshundLong haired dachshund next to miniature short haired dachshund (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Dachsunds are small, long bodied dogs that belong to the hound family.
However, while they make excellent companions, they’re not too good with small children.
Miniature SchnauzerMiniature Schnauzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Miniature Schnauzers very rarely shed and are affectionate little dogs who were originally bred to keep away small rodents. HavaneseHavanese (Photo credit: Reenie-Just Reenie)The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba. MalteseMaltese Puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Maltese dogs are highly energetic and have a tendency to be excitable.

They tend to bark frequently, so they don’t necessarily make the best apartment dogs. I have a bichon and they are Definitely NOT for lazy people, neither are poodles for that matter. If you’re in Southern California or headed there the rest of this month, you have to take advantage of this deal! Despite being extremely territorial and protective, they’re also playful, outgoing, and very sociable.
The dachshund was originally bred to help hunters track badgers, prairie dogs, rabbits, and other smaller prey. Shih Tzu owners will often choose to have their dog’s hair trimmed to minimize grooming. They can be a bit needy at times, bu that makes them perfect for the dog owner who wants a little buddy to pamper. They possess a wiry overcoat as well as a soft undercoat which can require daily brushing, but most owners choose to clip most of their hair short.
Dog owners who want to minimize maintenance should have their Bichon Frise’s hair clipped close to the body, otherwise their coat will need to be brushed daily.
I have to bathe my dog every 2-3 week’s and brush his teeth as they are prone to dental problems.
I don’t know when it started or why, but I started collecting hippos sometime as a kid. And, when you can’t visit the zoo, there is a whole awesome San Diego Zoo Kids site, complete with games, activities, facts, and more!
Even though they have long, thick, luxurious coats of fur, they actually don’t shed much at all. They also make great apartment dogs since they’re generally quiet and less likely to bark at strangers passing in the hall. They have double coats, but unlike most double coated breeds, their outer coat is extremely soft.
They can certainly be high maintenance if the owner chooses to grow out their long hair, but owners who don’t want to brush their hair daily can choose to clip their coat short.

San Diego Zoo‘s website is a wealth of educational information and you can even see a few of the animals in real time with their animal cams (including panda cam, polar bear cam, elephant cam, ape cam, and condor cam)! In the last century the number of all types of rhinos are very sharply decreased due to poaching.
We were thrilled to visit as part of our crazy California trip in August!It truly is impossible to see everything in one trip because there are just so many fantastic things! Part of the black rhino is prized on the black market, particularly in some Asian countries where they are used for medical purposes. In recent years, the population of black rhinos in Africa began to rise, climbing from approximately 2300 individuals in 1993 to 4240, in accordance with these International Rhino Foundation. With only a small handful of them in our country, it is such a treat to see these animals in person! These were some of our favorites (gorillas, jaguar, okapi, polar bears, komodo dragons, and lions)! In fact, one of these animals may end up being Big Brother’s Halloween costume (it will either be that or a pirate)! Hint: it’s the one based that on geographical location would go best with a scarlet macaw (since Little Brother will be donning the scarlet macaw costume!Certainly, the animals are our favorite thing about the zoo! But, part of what makes the San Diego Zoo so special and stand out is all the other things to see and do. It makes the atmosphere at the zoo SO lush and gives it a much more exotic feel than most of the zoos we’re used to. Though a little bit unsure, Big Brother thought it was awesome; on the other hand, Little Brother clung on to Daddy for dear life.

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