We are witnesses to a true explosion of zombie games these days and we couldn’t be happier about it! Atom Zombie Smasher is already out and available on Steam  while the Dead State is still in development and we’ll have to be a bit more patient! The game plays out across a number of missions where your goal is to evacuate zombie-infested cities with a helicopter and groups of mercenaries. If you can reach your goal (determined by the number of civilians you’ve saved) before the zombies, or Zeds, reach theirs, you win.
Each month, new cities are infected and you can choose one of them to evacuate with a random set of mercenary groups, which include mobile infantry, artillery, barricades, and more. The makeup of your mercenaries plays a big part in how you do, so choose each mission wisely – conceding a difficult one will give the Zeds points and widen the gulf between you. On the other hand, beating tough missions earn you more victory points and offer more opportunities to level up your squads.
The cities in AZS are randomly-generated, too, so each time you play through a campaign it’s a bit different. And although the zombies lurk as an ever present threat, the biggest obstacle to the player may just be other humans with the same goal: survival at any cost. Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome.Not a member? The veteran RPG employees at Doublebear have pulled the tarp off of Dead State, an upcoming zombie-themed RPG. Developer Doublebear had been releasing information about its zombie RPG under the codename ZRPG, but now the game has an official name: Dead State. Dead State puts players in the shoes of the leader of a Texas shelter during the zombie apocalypse. Doublebear is made up of veteran RPG developers like Brian Mitsoda, an ex-Obsidian and ex-Troika employee. Other groups of survivors in the area must either be convinced to work alongside you or to fear you so they don't come after your stuff. Combat is turn-based with players giving orders to their team members rather than fully controlling them. Battles work similar to other turn-based RPGs, with Mitsoda revealing Doublebear wanted to capture the "feeling of dread that was a big part of X-Com" though a line-of-sight mechanic. As for the zombies, they'll be "your very basic shambling corpse." Some crawl, some are on fire, but none can sprint. What would be nice too is a multiplayer version where you have to survive the apocalypse in the same situation with friends and you all fulfill different roles in the shelter. Most notable event in my opinion was Brian Fargo's successful call for gamers to fund classic style cRPG games, that are dying source these days, and perhaps in addition previous to the event also Double Fine Adventure's huge funding success that also had it's share of making crowd-funding familiar concept of funding video games. While year 2012 involved many exciting moments, most of the funded kickstarter games of 2012 will see light of the day in 2013 or even 2014, which means that the two upcoming years will probably be the first to show kickstarter games in their true light. As a positive thing, many various types of games were successfully funded in 2012 ranging from classic party-based cRPGs to real-time strategy games in veins of Total Annihilation, 4x space strategy in veins of Master Of Orion, sandbox style space-simulators in veins of Elite, adventure games, and many more.. This game was my third most expected game for long time after Project Eternity and Wasteland 2 (forming cRPG kickstarter trio of 2012), but the more updates Harebrained Schemes release, the better the game starts to sound like.
It just keeps amazing me how well they seem to be implementing original Shadowrun universe and it's rules into the game, how good character system sounds due latest updates, and how great the art theme looks. A party-based cRPG in veins of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, which used classic Infinity Engine for it's graphics with beautiful 2D environmental backgrounds? Who's better to do such a spiritual successor for Baldur's Gate than ex-members of legendary Black Isle Studios, now within ranks of Obsidian Entertainment? Project Eternity will truly bring back the magic of mid- and late nineties cRPG graphics, with deep character generation and development, and vast dialogue options.
What interests me in this game though, is it's story-line taking place in post-apocalyptic world. Although first in-game-screenshots featuring full 3D in Unity engine didn't look all perfect (but not too bad either, just bit faceless), I'm still hugely excited about Wasteland 2, and hope it will be a great game.
This is re-make of the classic, and it seems to follow the style of the old game very honestly. But the game also presented fun arcade-like racing with free exploration of the map, twisted physics, even more twisted power-ups (electrocuting pedestrians?), unique cars with bumpers full of spikes (you know why, right?), and all that stuff.
Now all this is coming back, updated towards more nowadays graphics, and it's made by majority of the original Carmageddon team. Will Chris Roberts succeed to seamlessly combine massive multiplayer online space simulator and a single player campaign together? Well, the scale of this game is just enormous, but combining Elite-like freedom of exploration and career choice in almost limitless universe to large scale multiplayer experience and world economy transformed by player actions - it's indeed tempting idea, and Chris Roberts even promises free regular micro-updates adding more content to the game after the release. Banner Saga will present deeply story-driven adventure game with turn-based strategic combat, which uses grid-system for movement.
Survival cRPG under zombie apocalypse is interesting idea and offers exciting game setting with limitless possibilities to create a great game, whereas success depends about presentation and interesting ideas.
This really seems like the sort of game type that should be a lot more common than it currently is.
Those will be years with lots of broken promises and disappointments for sure, as gamers realise that despite crowd-funded games have deeper interaction with fans, not every developer is cashing out all initial promises for the games.
The game's combat will not be turn-based, but RTwP instead (real-time with pause option) like in aforementioned games.
Brian Fargo aims to bring classic style party-based turn-based cRPGs back alive with this game. The game play leans towards classic RTS games of the nineties, but instead of 2D presentation, the game takes step into fully explorable 3D environments in space.
The game will be presented in full 3D environment, where you indirectly control and influence your tribe of worshippers, and transform the land for their needs. Early preview videos show combat to take place in pseudo-isometric view presenting grid-based battlefield. Castle Story calls itself a strategy game which is about building castles brick by brick and defending against enemy attacks.

The franchise is known of story-driven graphic point-and-click adventure games featuring loads of comedy and soft erotic. The game will feature some re-made old maps, as well as old vehicles and characters, in addition with some totally new stuff. The game will combine FMV (full-motion video) style presentation from the mid-90s adventure games with real actors, deep storyline, memorable characters, and taking place in full 3D environment. It will be victorian era fantasy action-RPG with open-world and lots of past-paced action, like featured in Diablo series. The game will come out as one-on-one multiplayer duelling game at first, but will expand on actual game-world with stories and quests later on. The game will be free-to-play (after initial funding), coming out as online game for PC and mobile platforms. Hero-U aims to feature deep story driven experience with memorable characters, combined with turn-based combat, character development, puzzles, and fun uplifting atmosphere. This game promises to offer deep character interaction and relations, world exploration, survival game play, scavenging, and tactical grid-based combat featuring fog-of-war. Some basic strategy is involved within the game play and quick reflexes and thinking are required to keep up the pace while under attack. Right now, Sui Generis seems to focus more on it's physics-driven combat engine and changing game-world and weather-effects, rather than on story and deep character builds and skills. The game features exploration, mining minerals, building rooms, researching technology, taking care of colonists of yours, and building up defences against attacks. Focus of the game is on top-down grid-based ship-view where you constantly have to command your crew to take care of your ship during battles.
Described as "online team-based 3D action-game played in 3rd-person-view with over-the-shoulder camera.
Features 1st-person cockpit view and 3d-person view with blend of action (scenarios) and storyline. A weird combination of a game taking place in procedurally create British dark landscapes, where robots hunt you. Bare in mind that this list is based on premise set by the game in their kickstarter pitches rather than on ready products, since almost each of these (and following honorable mentions rewarded) games are yet unreleased and in early stage of development and we don't know yet how the final product will be! First of all I appreciate they stuck with the turn-based combat with 2D environment graphics and 3D rendered characters on top of them. And even better, with presentation truly influenced by the old-school games rather than turning it into modernised version!
The early screenshots really impressed me of their in-game art, just the graphical presentation that I was looking for. Fargo started his own rebel act saying that he doesn't care for publisher influencing his work, he wants to make games he likes, not the ones he's publisher likes. However, I will have to rank it to third position now instead of initial rank #1 due the fact that my expectations have dropped just slightly. It was one of the more scary games back then that I didn't fully understand, and man that those death scenes used to freak me out. Re-made art-work I've seen so far has been totally stylish and awesome, and the re-made music has been great too!
Back then a racing game was released that raised a lot of controversy and was banned in several countries: Carmageddon.
The cars were also destructible and damage caused to them was literally to be seen on the screen. While actual information and game play material has been a bit scarce so far, I'm still looking forward for a Carmageddon sequel. Will he succeed to implement massive multiplayer mode into almost endless galaxy containing 100 star system even after initial launch? Banner Saga features that drawing-like or cartoon-like artwork from animated pictures we used to love as a kid, but featuring mature themes. It also features recruiting several unique characters along your journeys that will fight along you in battles. I'm also sure we will see several release dates pushed back, as well as many games rushed out half-optimised. The list does include short descriptions and links to actual kickstarter websites of each game.
Wasteland 2 will feature some core mechanics from it's predecessor, but with a new presentation in rotatable pseudo-isometric 3D view. For each game play the game creates procedural set of space including several planets (randomized). The universe is cyberpunk style setting reminding hugely Blade Runner movie from eighties, which presented one of the dark visions of future. The game looks like something out of animated films influenced by norse culture and vikings.
Art-style is something like goofy and vibrant cartoons combined with lego-like edgy terrain.
This is not a new chapter, but a re-make, featuring updated graphics, music, user interface, and perhaps even part of the dialogue is going to get a fresh touch. Expect fun arcade-racing where you can freely explore the map and be rewarded for crushing your opponents cars Destruction Derby style, as well as running over pedestrians. Like it's predecessors you step in shoes of a detective investigating crime-scenes and interviewing people to get clues about solving crimes and mysteries. The game uses full 3D-engine, and art could be though like this: combine cube-shaped legos and cartoons and you get what this game looks like. You step in sort of a "big brother's" shoes as a spectator through security cameras, whereas you have to hack into nations network system to observe and help the woman by hacking the system by shutting lights, wiretap calls, summon elevators and so on.
Game's story takes place in dark world setting in times where only last glimpse of humankind survivalists are still alive, being sandwiched between two kinds of otherworldly powers, of which other tries to use human bodies as resource, while other tries to kill the remains of human race first. So far art has looked very cartoon-like, which doesn't really look like something I'd enjoy that much, but who knows maybe core of this game can still become solid.
Your colony will face hostile attacks and environmental hazards, as you're doing your best to keep it growing.

As a new take smaller space-ships can transform into "mech"-like robots in heat of the battle. Features lootable items and inventory, and involves lots of exploration and stealth elements. In early screen shots the graphics look beautiful, and the cyberpunk setting totally works. And who's better to do Shadowrun universe implementation to computer game from original pen-and-paper game, than it's original creator? I've waited a game like that to come out for some time, while still playing the old ones once in a while. The team will feature known names such as Chris Avellone, Tim Cain, Josh Sawyer, Scott Everts. Also knowing Fargo's merits with being involved in original Wasteland and forming Interplay Entertainment (company who made Fallout 1 and 2) adds some excitement.
The game is made by original developers of original Shadowgate, so they should know their game well. It featured great intro and cut-scenes, total metal soundtrack, and it even awarded you for running over grannies and lambs.. This game is hugely ambitious project, and very interesting one, even when I generally am not huge space simulator fan. Even I might be influenced to update my computer for this game after few years if it looks like it really succeeds to be what it promises to be. I like the fact that your dialogue choices also will mean a lot how the story plays out, and the game art looks totally beautiful.
While some bad presentations got what they deserved, such as Shaker by Tom Hall repeating the word "old-school" until death by boredom without any real concept, there was also few promising pitches such as Thorvalla and Ars Magica which didn't make it.
Hopefully, though, there will also be some pleasant surprises when some companies succeed to meet their expectations, if not more.
The list does NOT include any games that didn't match their goal thus not being funded, any campaigns which are still on-going set to end after last of December 2012, nor any "tech demos", which aren't really full games. Action point-based turn-based tactical combat is promised, as well as deep character-development, freely explorable interesting game-world, and meaningful dialogue options. Basis of the game consists of deep story interaction, turn-based tactical combat, in-depth character development and interesting game world presentation.
22cans promises to mix scope of Populous, detailed construction of Dungeon Keeper, and technical innovation of Black & White. Graphics are generally presented in 2D, but do contain some 3D characters, rest of the presentation is still bit unclear. Some promised things are: vast open world, random events, five skill classes (can combine two), refined loot system more focused on meaningful loots more rarely than loads of junk, quests, modding tools, online and LAN game play. Bit like Elite, Privateer, Freelancer and such games, but game play demos gives me rather familiar feeling of Hardwar (taken to space).
These guys have worked with games like Fallout, Arcanum, Temple of Elemental Evil, Fallout: New Vegas and so on. And I don't talk about high-end graphics, but rather it's style and presentation, whereas P:E seems to set things right paying honor to old good infinity engine and beautifully drawn 2D environments. Money just kept coming and coming from the fans hungry for old-school influenced post-apocalyptic computer role-playing game. Shadowgate presented classic first-person point-and-click adventure-puzzle game with great atmosphere and memorable music, and yes, memorable rooms to encounter.
In addition to just updating the whole game with new graphics and music, they are also re-doing some of the puzzles, varying content of some rooms a bit, and also adding quite nice chunk of totally new rooms with new puzzles into the game.
The original game also featured cash to update your cars (yes you could also get enemy cars awarded at the end of race if you were lucky) awarded after each race depending how many people you ran over and how many cars you wrecked.
This might be the wet dream of sandbox-style space simulator fan, who while playing Privateer said: "Wish I could play this with hundreds of others similarly, but it's never gonna happen".
Hell, the look of it reminds me of Asterix And Obelix series turned into more mature series.
Overall, this looks interesting setting and combination of different elements, and might come out as authentic game.
That means roughly that over 300% more projects were successfully funded in 2012 compared to previous year, which is quite remarkable increase. Planetary Annihilation still features classic RTS game play: building your base, gathering minerals, expanding, producing units, and planning your tactics on attacking and defending against enemies in large scale battles.
The most bloodiest, funniest, and brutal driving game returns (in hopefully well made sequel). Just because they realized that they were making game with huge potential, so the company wanted to give deeper game for us gamers than they initially planned, and it's coming out really nicely.
Recent updates about diverse combat mechanics have also got me even more excited about Project Eternity. Post-apocalyptic party-based cRPG with party creation, free exploration, and turn-based combat based on action-points per turn led by a man who's influenced with Fallout and Jagged Alliance cannot be too bad can it? This game so far looks insanely cool and worthy re-make of the original Shadowgate. Do you sense me having some nostalgia over here? A lot depends of driving model and physics model they implement to the game this time, as well as of the map quality. I think that lately Doublebear Productions has made some progress and the game seems to take shape of exciting game.
Sure, it will be probably another cRPG that we've seen before (in the nineties), but so far it seems to become a good and stylish one.

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