Automatic rifles are the BEST weapon for the most zombie smashing, brain splattering, hell raising weapon you can have. Now the type of weapon you want is entirely up to you, but here are a few options I believe will help you not only survive, but strive.
I would recomend something that is semi-automatic kind of like the M1911 or the basic 9 millimeter pistol that is usually issued to your standard police officer.
It took the place of the M16 in the armed forces here in america because it's smaller and weighs less then the M16. Stock up on ammo and weapons whenever possible.IF you have a machete, keep on you at all times.

With the MP5K (pictured below) you get accuracy and dependability that you would want in the event of a zombie apocolypse. With the pump action you have to pump it to chamber the bullet and then pull the trigger to fire. You can run this gun through sand, water, dirt, or whatever you can throw at it and it will still work just as good as before.
It is designed for Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and can be outfitted with optics and stocks to make it even more accessible and all around a better weapon. With the semi-auto shotgun, they usually come with a magazine or a clip that holds anywhere between 15 and 30 rounds for ultimate destruction.

If you can get your hands on one, get two of them and buy as much ammunition as you can without the government knocking on your door. Having a second one helps if you happen to set one of them down and have to run and forget about it. Most police vehicles have these strapped to the front of the barrier between the front seats and the back.

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