Now that the Halloween is over and we finished celebrating and remembering the dead, it’s time we get to more serious things: prepare to the Zombie Apocalypse!
While most of “The Walking Dead” series fans have already acquired a lot of experience if fighting the undead, there are still people out-there who need to polish their zombie fighting skills and get ready for when the moment comes! ALSO CHECK the Zombie Survival Crate, the Halloween Survival Guide we featured earlier to learn to stay safe when the time will come, and, if you’re looking for a fully equipped vehicle to help you out-run the undead, check the Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine and the Jeep Wrangler ZS1 Zombie Slayer.

Available for Kindle, in Hardcover, Paperback or Audiobook formats, the Max Brooks’s Zombie Survival Book is your one stop guide to learn how to fight the hoards of undead and survive in the rough times ahead us!!!
He loves cool stuff, gadgets, gear for guys and writes about his lifestyle discoveries on daily basis.

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