Zombie games are fun to play even when you are alone battling a huge group of zombies attacking you. If this is your first time playing this game series, it’s best to start with the first installment.
Dying Light revolves around the player travelling across vast urban environments devastated by the zombie outbreak searching for supplies and utilising this to craft weapons; however, at night-time the monsters come out to play, and survivors will need to use all they have, including their wits, to persist. Find a safe place, build a base, fight with friends or alone, and ultimately, die at the hands of the ravenous horde.
With it’s isometric, pixel-based graphics, Project Zomboid is bringing zombie-killing back to its retro arcade origins, in looks at least. Each character is unique, having their own personality and bad habits; one character may be high in strength, and have the ability to kill zombies with their bare hands. But games that allow you to play with other players are even more enjoyable as you will have a companion to fight against the enemies.
Like the other versions of the game, the first installment of House of the Dead is divided into chapters.

The extremely impressive visuals depicted in the images below come from Techland’s proprietary Chrome Engine 6. Streets filled with the shuddering undead are both the worst nightmare and the greatest fantasy of many gamers.
When you start playing however, it becomes clear that they’re bringing a little something new to the table. But they also may be suffering from alcohol addiction and struggling with low morale that’s threatening to develop into depression.
There are three game modes available, horde, sandbox and multiplayer, all of which are exactly what they say on the can.
House of the Dead is a series of multiplayer zombie survival game that will keep you engrossed playing for hours.
Aside from fighting the zombies on each chapter, be ready to fight their boss before you can move on to the next phase. Of course, the zombie apocalypse unfortunately doesn’t look like it’s due to happen anytime soon, so while you’re waiting, here are some of our top open world zombie games to help feed the gnawing hunger in your living (we hope) stomach.

Several installments of this game have been released, though the main goal remains the same. When it’s time for the boss fight, the main weakness of the boss will be shown so you’ll know where to hit them. Sometimes, it requires more shots to kill the zombie especially if you were able to shoot their body. They move quickly making it even more challenging for you and your partner to knock them down. You need to be focused and alert since the zombies will appear anywhere and you might be hit if you did not shoot them first.

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