Intro: How To Get A Shipping ContainerSteel shipping containers are an interesting, quick, and cost-effective way to install a robust, portable building in your yard, on your flatbed trailer, or at your business. Head out to Anderson Valley, California for a summer camp experience full of all the classics such as archery, stargazing, music shows, campfires, and a ton of like-minded people. For the extreme adventurer, head on out to Moab, Utah for mountain climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, and more. Pack your bags and head out to South Kent, Connecticut for fully stocked bars, waterskiing, incredible food, and an endless supply of twenty somethings… What more could you ask for. Channel your inner hippie at Soul Camp, where you’ll embark on a 4-day “mind and soul” experience. Head out to Las Vegas for a 3-5 day summer camp that immerses you in the Rock ‘N Roll lifestyle. Related posts:Weight Loss Problems - 7 Pics22 Funny Job Titles You Never Knew ExistedWhat Could Go Wrong? Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features.

To get more information on our current program offerings click the links below for all of the details. To easily make a payment for any Camp Bernie program, please click here to access your account. Immerse yourself in culinary adventures, sportsmen weekends, art camps, and even adult themed band camp.
Take part in the adventures that were too dangerous to be allowed at summer camp when you were a kid.
Immerse yourself in a campground filled with the scariest elements of your favorite horror movies, where you’re on a mission to search for hidden items sprinkled throughout the campground.
This is the same summer camp where ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ took place, but here you’ll be attending yoga classes, meditation sessions, and arts & crafts classes that will simply make you feel good. When you get there, you’ll be paired with a “Rock Star Counselor” who will guide you along your journey to become the next big rock legend. Basically you can come here to re-live all of your favorite childhood memories, but now with co-ed dorms and an endless supply of booze.

If you can “survive” the night and find all of the hidden items, you’ll emerge as the “Hellmaster.” Good luck with that. Learn the process of making wine, participate in wine tastings, and of course learn how to pair your favorite wines with the best food around.
Head out to Whiting, NJ for an intense training camp to prepare you for the swarms of undead enemies. When you’re done with camp, you’ll take a dozen bottles of wine home with you along with a much greater understanding of the sweet fermented grape juice.

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