October 31, 2012 by Campy Mom · 4 Comments Have you seen the new glow in the dark kayak? October 25, 2012 by Campy Mom · 8 Comments Today, we are taking a close look at campers. October 23, 2012 by Campy Mom · 2 Comments We recently camped in the North Georgia mountains and went to visit a beautiful waterfall.
October 18, 2012 by Campy Mom · 4 Comments Fall camping is my absolute favorite time to camp with my kids.
October 10, 2012 by Campy Mom · 3 Comments Fall is slowly creeping in here in Georgia. October 4, 2012 by Campy Mom · 5 Comments Are you part of a divided family?  Does your family consist of campers and non-campers?  Today we are discussing the great camping compromise in these divided families. The only idea of a zombie apocalypse that ever really scared me was Michael Jackson’s music video “Thriller.” Will Smith’s “I am Legend” was another unique exploration of the undead. The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse (AZA) is where my editor sent me to get a first-hand experience of such an event. Learning what zombies are all about and the “rules” of an apocalypse, I realized I had to fully commit as if this was something real.
Still with the group, I entered an abandoned warehouse, where the undead were still on the loose, terrorizing other defenseless, scared survivors.
Jerry Bridges stands behind a table of fake blood that he applies to his costume’s ribs.
Speaking to the zombie actors, they knew the details about why zombies “exist,” how to kill them, and how someone becomes a zombie.

At first there was silence, then there was evil laughter and clanging of chains against wood and metal. I knew the only way to escape this infested area was to shut down all brain activity in each of them.
The fact that I could only see their silhouettes running at me in the dark was scary enough. If you wear loose clothing, they’ve got you—unless you’re quick and you can just take it off and run.
If you get tired, you could get cold if you’re trying to camp somewhere, so wear a jacket too, Hester said.
Three attractions, Zombie Shoot ($30), Zwars ($20) and Curse of the Undead ($20), attract people each Halloween season to live the apocalpytic world.
I figured if they were going to commit, I should too, especially if I’m paying to be chased by them. As we made our way through the abandoned warehouse, our leader and only armed survivor at the time, directed us upstairs, downstairs, into large rooms and small rooms, ready to pull the trigger with each step.
We were forced to watch the suffering people who had been infected or dismembered but lay crying for help. When I came back to reality, some of the corniness of the event made me laugh, but then I began to wonder how possible a zombie apocalypse could be. They’re tampering with certain diseases and altering it, then inducing it into people,” Hester said. If you’re struggling to get your plan together after the apocalypse has already happened, you’re in the 80 percent or so who’s going to die in the first two weeks.

Most of the time zombies are just using teeth, hands and claws to get through you, so proper clothing can often save a lot of injuries and infections, Mephisto said.
The chief security officer of AZA and owner of the property, Fred Mephisto, and two zombie actors, Justin Hester and Quavas Scott, gave me a few tips to stay alive. Once it was our group’s turn, my game face came on and I was ready to blast some dead people. After most of the community was killed off, several of the more aggressive survivors had captured a number of zombies and were taunting them.
She counted her money and teased the zombie, almost torturing, as no one seemed able get a clean shot at his head. I had to navigate through the pitch-black warehouse with nothing more than a blue flashlight and my weapon. I anticipated getting infected but I listened carefully for the groans of the undead around every corner.
I killed each zombie I encountered with a bullet to the head, and escaped the warehouse into the night.

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