An Xyz Monster (??????????, Monsuta Ekushizu) is a monster that can be Special Summoned by an Xyz Summon from the Extra Deck.
Enter the end times with Zombie Apocalypse, the first book in The End of the World roleplaying line! The dead rise and stalk the earth, hungry for the flesh of the living. This roleplaying game offers you the chance to play as yourself during the tumult of the apocalypse, using an elegant, narrative ruleset. In the majority of roleplaying games, you take on the persona of a fictional character – ranging from a elven thief to a half-orc war-mage to a human soldier, and beyond. Since you’re playing yourself in every game of The End of the World, your starting gear is also limited to what you can find close at hand when you sit down to play the game. The world can end in countless ways, and in each of The End of the World books, there are five different scenarios for you to experience. Before you face the reanimated corpses rising from their graves, you’ll need a way to accurately reflect the characteristics that serve as the basic building blocks of your character. There are six distinct characteristics that help define your character in Zombie Apocalypse and The End of the World roleplaying line. I split the remaining points between the physical and social categories, ending with a dexterity of two, a vitality of two, a logic of three, a willpower of four, a charisma of three, and an empathy of two. After I create the initial characteristics for my character, the group has the chance to vote on the accuracy of the result. Characteristics form the starting point for building your in-game version of yourself, but that’s not enough to differentiate you from the dozens of others fighting to keep their brains intact and survive another day at the end of the world. During character creation, every player thinks of a positive feature and a negative feature for each category. In addition, because the group voted to raise one of my physical characteristics, I must either remove my positive feature for that category or take on another negative feature. Your game of Zombie Apocalypse begins with your group sitting down to play a roleplaying game, which means your gear is limited to whatever you may happen to have close to you. Every survivor in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse is massively different, and between features and characteristics, any player in your group can create a character that reflects himself. Your characteristics, your features, and your equipment and gear all form parts of your character as you struggle to survive the impossible danger of Zombie Apocalypse. I got really interested after I watched Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL (I watch the Japanese version, don't laugh folks.). You can send 1 other Fiend-Type monster to the Graveyard; Special Summon this card from your hand. Interesting, I've been debating on making a pure silverware deck or comboing it with other monsters close to there level range like Ghosttricks since they capitalize on their weakness with protecting themselves while being face-down. Xyz Monsters are colored black, with the Level stars, called Ranks, on the left side of the frame, similar to the Dark Synchro Monsters. Zombie Apocalypse contains five unique scenarios, each offering a different take on the rise of the undead.
The End of the World line changes all of this by inviting you to play as yourself amidst the tumult of the world’s ending! Because these scenarios function like different campaign settings within the same theme, you can enjoy all of these scenarios time and time again. Whether you play a single session that ends in gruesome death for every player, or begin a campaign that stretches from apocalypse to post-apocalypse and beyond, every scenario takes you straight to the terror and adventure of the apocalypse. These six characteristics are split into three categories: physical, mental, and social, each consisting of a pair of characteristics. In Zombie Apocalypse, I’m most at home using my mind to outsmart the zombies, rather than facing them in combat or gathering a strong group of other survivors. For each category, the group secretly votes whether a characteristic should be raised or lowered.

What truly sets your character apart from any other are your features – the strengths, weaknesses, special training, insecurities, and quirks that set you apart from everyone else.
A feature can be nearly anything you can think of – anything that makes you different from other survivors. I don’t want to lose my positive feature, so I add the -Gets Hungry Quickly feature to my physical category – a serious drawback in any apocalyptic scenario! My list of gear consists of the objects close to me, and I’ll need to make important decisions about what to bring.
Finding better weapons means venturing out of the office, and it could prove a deadly first outing for me and my coworkers.
You may rely on your skills with making friends to survive, or you may manipulate those you encounter into helping you. In our next preview, we’ll turn to rules developer Andrew Fischer for a discussion of how the rules for Zombie Apocalypse developed, including how players complete tasks and fight to survive in the last days of civilization!
You can Special Summon Fork by discarding Spoon, then Normal Knife to special summon Spoon from the Graveyard. Life as you know it is about to end, and one way or another, you’ll experience the apocalypse and make your way through the aftermath… if you can survive that long! Each scenario also contains an apocalypse and a post-apocalypse, allowing you to survive the initial panic and make your way in life after the world's ending. The first book, Zombie Apocalypse, challenges you to face hordes of undead that rise and stalk the earth, hungry for the flesh of the living. You’ll use your own physical, mental, and social attributes to create yourself as an in-game character, allowing you to come as close as you (safely) can to experiencing the apocalypse first-hand. Who knows how long the cash in your wallet will be accepted as viable currency in light of the world’s ending? Each scenario features a post-apocalypse, illustrating how some semblance of order returns in the shattered aftermath of the apocalypse. Additional development and design for the American edition was done by our very own Andrew Fischer and Tim Flanders.
The physical characteristics are dexterity and vitality, the mental characteristics are logic and willpower, and the social characteristics are charisma and empathy. I start by adding points to my mental characteristics, which I think of as my strongest category. In my case, the group determines that one of my physical characteristics should be raised, and I raise my dexterity by one point, giving me a final dexterity of three. I have a backpack and a half-full water bottle with me, as well as my wallet, which has $6.85 in cash. Malicevorous is an archetype of DARK Level 2 monsters focused on summoning Rank 2 xyz monsters, like Number 96: Dark Mist. He uses the Malicevorous cards to summon his avatar, Number 96: Dark Mist (now we are talking about the card). The line continues with Wrath of the Gods, pitting players against a pantheon of supernatural foes intent of destroying humanity. In addition to your chosen attributes, you can represent yourself more accurately by imagining positive and negative features. You might want a good shotgun to defend yourself, but that could mean venturing out of your friend’s apartment. In Zombie Apocalypse, for example, every scenario varies in the origin of the zombies, the government’s response, the timeline of the apocalypse, the ways you can kill the zombies, and countless other details, both large and small.
No matter how humanity has adapted in order to survive, life in the post-apocalypse is completely different from life before.
Each of these characteristics receives a number between one and five, which forms the basis for determining your success during a test, as we’ll explore in a later preview.

It can be important to consider the differences between the offensive and defensive characteristics within a category when you assign points.
Whenever one of these features comes into play in the game, it can add positive or negative dice to a test, as we’ll explore in a later preview. Zombie Apocalypse gives every player the chance to live (and die) in humanity’s last days!
The monsters are pretty weak, and if you don't pull off a first turn Xyz, you probably lost. Ranging from the Mayan apocalypse to Cthulhu, the gods return to exact terrible vengeance in this book. For example, you may have the Long-distance Runner positive feature, but you may also cope with the Extremely Nearsighted negative feature. Kitchen knives might be your only available weapons for defending yourself against hordes of ravenous zombies or conquering aliens. The apocalypse may start with an outbreak of disease, or a sudden earthquake that releases a once-dormant parasite. The post-apocalypse is just as dangerous as the apocalypse itself, presenting entirely different challenges and threats to whatever remains of you and your haggard band of survivors. In Zombie Apocalypse, logic represents your awareness of your surroundings and your ability to think on your feet, while willpower is your memory and mental resilience. The third installment in the line is Alien Invasion, giving you the opportunity to battle unknown life forms from beyond our galaxy. Another character may have the Natural Leader positive feature, but this could be tempered by the Wants Revenge negative feature. Aliens may enslave the nations, or Norse gods may return to earth to enact the cataclysmic battles of Ragnarök. With this in mind, I assign two points to logic and three points to willpower, raising them to three and four, respectively.
I also find a welcome surprise in one of my backpack pockets – a fully-functioning compass that I’d forgotten!
You may face a species of conquering warriors, or aliens too small to see with the naked eye. When our technology develops consciousness, even normal people will need to battle technology in every form.
People would think Vanity's Emptiness is a problem, however, like I said, this deck sends to the Graveyard a lot. Each of these books offers a complete self-contained experience, although they share the same rules system.
No matter which apocalypse you want to explore, you’ll find unending horror and adventure in this roleplaying game. Privacy Policy Magic the Gathering is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. This site is not produced, affiliated or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.This website uses cookies to improve your experience.
When a creature is put into an opponent’s graveyard from play, if Bridge from Below is in your graveyard, remove Bridge from Below from the game.

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