The horror genre-loving O'Keeffe has based his creations on what might at first seem an unlikely line-up of vehicles: a London bus, London cab, mail delivery van, tuk-tuk and New York taxi. But when you think about it, all of them have already survived a fairly hard life, so shouldn't baulk at helping to ward off hordes of flesh-munching zombies. O'Keeffe's designs fit each vehicle out with all the kit you should need to survive, including stores and weapons -- and even rosary beads.

He said he'd also had inquiries from people interested in having him turn their own vehicles into zombie survival designs.
And with the vehicles' surfaces scarred by scratches, dents and the occasional bloodstain, they look like they've already triumphed in a few encounters. The Irish-born graphic designer -- now living in London -- has penned a fleet of vehicles that will help you survive the brain-eating apocalypse.

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