The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case ($100) protects your iPhone and your ass via a 650,000 volt charge that zaps out of it.
The undisputed "considers April Fools' Day a national holiday" leaders of the day are over there at Google. It also provides up to 20 hours of additional battery life for your iPhone, so after you take down that gun-toting thug, you can call up the local TV news crew so they can come interview you and stuff.
We started making an April Fools' Day roundup for all the pranks all over the web, then we realized that Google let the dogs out. Pacman: Google made a Pacman prank that appears in Ingress as well as in Google Maps for both mobile and web browser iterations. Google Panda: Below you'll see a Google Panda Product Launch 2015 video where Chris Yerga reveals the Google Panda. Smartbox by Inbox by Gmail by Google: a strong Kelsey Grammar impersonator appears to show a new kind of mailbox.
Google Fiber Dial-Up Mode: Don't have time to do "the little things" anymore now that internet has no load time?

Earth's Tilt is Changing: In collaboration with Google Maps Australia, it was discovered that the declination of the Earth is slipping. Chrome OS Self-Browsing: If you've got a Chrome OS laptop - a Chromebook - it's time to take a peek at the Chrome Self-Browsing Extension. Keyless Keyboard: by Google Japan, this device allows you to push Japanese text to your mobile device with the Keyless Keyboard through a Piropiro - a party horn.
Prankster Easter Eggs Laughing in Hangouts: Typing the words "April Fools" in Google Hangouts will result in a laughing clown, or happy face with nose, or prankster. Because of this, the equator is moving, and Australia will no longer be "down under" by 2025.
Survival Grenade is the creation of a former Marine Scout Sniper, he created the survival kit for his own use but due to demand from friends he began producing them professionally. They've made so many pranks that we had to make a round-up of pranks for this day just for them. Look at what they've done, they must be so proud of themselves for all the giggles they've summoned from these internets.

That's Sandstorm - that song that swept the nation with its techno-explosion ramp-up madness trance back when it was released by DJ Darude in 1999.
1 x Compass 1 x Wire saw 3 x Ready-made wire snares with anti-escape swivels for catching small game.
Gear Survival Grenade User’s Guide (laminated for waterproofing).This collection of gear should be enough for anyone to last more than a few days in a variety of survival situations and a hardcore survivalist could probably begin the process of rebuilding western civilisation using just the paracord and aluminium foil. Each of these kits cost $75 USD and are available in a dozen colour variations so you can even match it to your gear. The CERV II (that stands for Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle) was the follow on from the CERV I, an open-wheeled technology testbed for Chevrolet.

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