I shot up from my lying position, cursing and regretting it afterwards because of the pounding and headache I got from the sudden motion. The figures come from industry body the BPI, as part of an announcement aimed to highlight the popularity of British artists on streaming services globally, not just in their home country.
It cites data from Spotify claiming that 19% of tracks streamed on its service in 2014 have been by British artists, with Coldplay, One Direction, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris cited as prime examples.
Spotify has confirmed that its global head of content, Steve Savoca, will leave the company at the end of next month. Spotify’s Kevin Brown has been talking about the impact streaming is having on the UK singles chart, but also about the growing battle for artist exclusives in the streaming market.
In her case, Taylor said she just writes about her life, which happens to have a lot of relationship drama. What eating disorder song?Taylor songs are overwhelingly about relationships, and about how boys have screwed her over.

I can’t claim to know Taylor swifts song book but I do know a lot of adeles and yes much of it is about past relationships. I feel everytime she tries to establish any credibility for her music having depth she sounds like a moron. Potential heirs narrowed down to sixNearly 30 claimants to the late singer’s fortune have been ruled out.The end is nigh for Game Of Thrones with eighth season to be the last, says HBOFantasy epic Game Of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams and Kit Harington, among others. Top of the pile, though, is Clean Bandit’s Rather Be, which has been streamed more than 32m times in the UK in 2014. There are happy relationship songs, or pining songs, songs like Back to December where she says she messed up. From my impression swift gets a bad rap Bc she was talented for a 16 year old and just hasnt grown as an artist. I actually think if anything her songs have decreased in quality and meaning as she got older.

Spray tans, flippers, and cheating allegations are apparently just the status quo these days as pageant moms and coaches have stepped up their toddler glam game with meditation classes, private jets, and…collagen?! When she was 16 and just starting out, it sounded like she was coming from the heart in her lyrics.
But once she gained popularity, it seemed like she found something that worked (songs about exes) and ran with it until she beat that horse to death and still kept running instead of finding anything else to sing about. I think the thing that people respond poorly to is that Taylor is the victim in almost all of her songs.
Most of her songs are about ex’s too, but less people complain because her lyrics are more complex.

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