While the election for the class play is being held, Nagisa thinks about the previous battle for Pretty Cure. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, Ryuichiro wants to report the events of the two Butler Zakenna to the Dark King, but watches as they try to put blame on each other.
The next day Nagisa continues to try acting, this time performing the fighting scene but she's called out for not expressing any emotions to go with the words she speaks.
After the week ends, Nagisa and Honoka prepare their outfits at the Festivcal when Kyouko and Natsuko come in to inform the girls that Nagisa's mother and her little brother came, along with Fujipi-senpai.
As the play goes on, Ryuichiro appears and heads to the dressing room, only to find nobody there.The play continues, with Juliet's brother seeing Romeo. Mipple and Mepple suggest that they transform but the girls claim that they can't do it while being in the play. After Juna jumps onto the roof the girls follow after him and Pollun sends the girls power to use the Rainbow Bracelets. After the play, Nagisa argues with Mepple when he comments that the performance wouldn't have went wellwithout the other actors, since her own portrayal was weak.
She is awoken from her thoughts when the class announces that she will be playing Romeo, while Honoka is playing Juliet. They elect Shiho as the producer, causing Kyoko and Natsuko to say that they will go the distance after they are chosen to make the costumes.

Right away everyone is impressed with how Honoka looks and comments on how talented Kyouko and Natsuko are, causing them to think back to when they acted as the fake-pretty cure to impress little kids. Hidehiko comes in and decides that they shouldn't say anything unless they make another mistake. Shiho begins to yell at her as a result and when school ends they tell everything to Akane-san. She asks them to help her by telling them that if she was to forget a line that they need to tell her. This makes Nagisa very worried and when the play begins, she falls twice upon her entrance. Nagisa ends up forgetting her line though and asks Pollun for help, but after he speaks his Prediction, she repeats that instead. But when Juna appears he blew them backstage and the girls use this as a time to transform since they know everyone will think this is part of the play. They use Rainbow Storm and chase Juna away before running back to the stage, dressed as Romeo and Juliet again. Fujipi shows up and compliments both girls once again, causing Nagisa to freeze up before he invites them both to the upcoming Boys' Festival.

She is highly impressed after hearing this and comments that she would like to be in a movie too, causing Nagisa to offer switching places with her.
Honoka (as Juliet) comes to ask Nagisa (as Romeo) if he is fine, she claims that she is and they begin to dance after introducing themselves. They put on an epic finale for the performance and in the end, everyone begins to clap for them. Mepple once again comments on how weak she acts after he leaves and Pollun asks her if she likes Fujipi.
Makeruna Romio to Jurietto!"?), dubbed Shaking Up Shakespeare in the English dub, is the 37th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 37th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall. This causes Nagisa to get very red and she angrily chases around the three mascot all over the room. The girls try to defend themselves while still in the form of Romeo and Juliet, which impresses the crowd since they assume this to be part of the play.

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