Me and my neckbeard will walk you through everything you need to know about Kalos and its many inhabitants, trainers and Pokémon alike.
Before you enter the gym, you are going to want to make sure your team is equipped to fight bug-types and dual bug-types. When you enter the main battle area of the gym, you will notice you are stuck in aforementioned web. Due to how deadly the combination of infestation and harden can be, make sure you are using potions when need be.
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That means if you started off with Fennekin, you will be good against mono bugs; Fletchling, Pidgey, and Pansear are all great options for pure bug-type enemies. It will take some time to whittle its health down, but you should be able to beat Vivillon and claim your Bug Badge as well as TM83 Infestation. They also only deal half-damage to fighting, fire, flying, ghost, poison, steel, and fairy types.
This means that if you chose Chespin, you will want to find someone else to use in this battle. The first two are optional battles and the last one is mandatory in order to fight the gym leader.

However, unlike the other ones you have faced so far, Vivillon's moveset poses a threat: it uses harden, infestation, and tackle.

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