Composting, mulching and worm farms are extremely satisfying ways of helping the enviornment. By composting, not only can you help to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill but you can also help to reduce contamination and greenhouse gases. Much of the land used for waste disposal cannot be reused in the future because of contamination.
Compost also helps to absorb and filter runoff, protecting streams from erosion and pollution. Composting reduces unwanted insects, limiting the need for commercial herbicides or pesticides, therefore preventing runoff pollution.
As organic waste decomposes in landfill it produces the greenhouse gases, methane and carbon dioxide. The first layer of the compost should be made of course material such as garden clippings, straw, dry leaves and torn newspaper (see 'What to Use' below). Grass clippings, kitchen waste, paper wrappings, fruit and vegetable peelings, leaves, prunings (shredded), tea leaves and bags, indoor plants, coffee grounds, egg shells, manure, weeds, vacuum cleaner dust, hair and wool, cardboard, sawdust.
Animal products (meat, fat, whole bones), plastic, large branches, waxy plant material, diseased plants, plant seeds, underground stems, pesticide-contamined plants, disposable nappies, cat or dog faeces. Potting mixes, mulches, composts and soils can be harmful to your health if you do not take some simple precautions. The Shire offers a 30% Rebate for locally purchased compost bins of an approved type (one that is fly and vermin proof). Our Worm Farm is awesome!  It’s a 5 foot by 6 foot institutional-sized worm bin from Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Inc.
About UsPV Waste Solutions can provide you with a disposal solution to help you tackle what’s important - getting the job done! Sprinklers can also be purchased from the Traveling Cart on Fridays and Sundays provided they are in stock.
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Compost helps retain artificial fertilisers in the soil so that they can be taken up by plants. Contact the Shire about an approved bin or tumbler, which must be fly and vermin proof. A group of organisms, called Legionella, can be found in these materials and may cause serious illness.
However open compost heaps (which are illegal in WA) and poorly operated compost systems may cause health problems by encouraging breeding of flies and other pests. Simply complete the Compost Bin Rebate Application form and submit to the Shire, together with proof of purchase and a completed Statement by Supplier. It helps to reduce water loss, regulate soil temperature, prevent soil compaction and suppress weeds. Give us a call and we’ll help find the disposal solution that fits both your job and your pocketbook. I have been wanting to start composting for awhile, but it has seemed like a daunting task. Nutrients from compost release slowly throughout the growing season and are less easily lost by leaching than nutrients in soluble fertilisers. As the material settles, after two weeks or so, it is important to turn it over to re-aerate the pile.
The outside layer will insulate the pile and allow high temperatures to be maintained in the middle. Next add a layer of rich soil, finished compost or manure to weigh down the organic matter. Unless adequate temperatures are reached within the compost the composting process can also encourage the growht of fungi and bacteria which occasionally cause respiratory complaints. Your rebate will be processed by the Finance Department within 1- 2 weeks of receiving your application. There is an increased ability for the soil to absorb rapid changes in acidity and alkalinity and to neutralise organic toxins produced by some plants.

Both the micro- organism population and the temperature will fluctuate according to how regularly the pile is turned. In time, with constant turning, all parts of the pile will have been in the middle and all will be decayed.
Common organic materials used for mulching include wood chips, lawn clippings, compost, sawdust, straw and leaves.
We will slowly add food waste in increasing amounts until we have a full population of worms, which can be over 100,000 worms! Then start adding your kitchen and food scraps, including layers of coarse materials in between. Nothing gets sorted.Only the owner of the property (or agent if the property is leased) can change the bin service option.
Each option has a minimum service period of 12 months.Take a look at the Waste Service Options and Charges for Hawkesbury residents and businesses to decide what service is most suitable for you. When the compost is ready to use, it will have a rich soil texture with no lumps of organic matter.
We keep an old diaper pail in the kitchen to place any compostable items, because the easier you make it the more people will pitch in.
If you have a morning garbage collection, your recycling bin will be emptied after 5am on the same day.Please place your bins facing the kerb and at least one metre apart.
VISY closes the loop on paper and cardboard by feeding material directly into the Smithfield Paper Mill, Visy's paper and cardboard manufacturing facility.Materials are then sorted by hand to remove the non recyclables (these are called contamination) which are sent to landfill.

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