So this is why people keep worm farms – the castings and diluted worm juice (the liquid that comes out of it) are an invaluable fertiliser for food crops.
CERES Community Environment Park in Melbourne make their own wheelie bin worm farm which can house thousands of worms and a whole lot of food scraps. The bathtub worm farm is a true beauty and, when designed properly, can double as a table for potting up or doing garden jobs on.
Of course you can just go and buy a commercial worm farm from most nurseries or hardware shops, you can even add compost worms to a standard compost bin. Wow – the yoghurt thing sounds like a darn fine party trick – thanks for the heads up! We recently put in a worm tower and I love it (used to have one of the shop-bought layered ones before). I’m surprised by the claim that our ordinary garden-type earthworms will die in worm farm conditions.

Given our experience, why do earthworms in commercial wormfarms die, when _ours_ are so healthy and large? The worms do not magic these minerals into existence, they were already present in these quantities, however the worms have changed their form by digesting them (which involves all that bacteria). A quick and important note, worm farms can only house compost worms, not your common earth worm you see in the garden or lawn. A few years ago I worked with the Urban Bush Carpenters in Melbourne to build local NGO, Cultivating Community this fancy worm farm you can see above left for a community garden.
It simply operates on the same system of having layered boxes with holes in the bottom for drainage and for the worms to travel in between.
You can buy them commercially, but they’re so easy to make we think you should just do it that way. Not if you continue feeding them fresh food scraps, as long as you do this they’re not going anywhere.

In our old farm, most of the worms would die every summer as the farm overheated, even in the shade.
This process makes them available to plants as the minerals have been changed from being an insoluble form to a plant-available soluble form. The bottom box has no holes and captures all the worm juice for you to use later as a fertiliser (dilute it so it looks like the colour of weak tea) for the veggie patch. All you need is some large pipe (ideally no smaller than 200mm wide), a pot plant to fit on the top as a hat and a drill to put holes into it.
To our surprise, most buckets have collected scores of healthy earthworms, which grow to astonishing size in these nutrient flows.

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