After 6 Months the Left one is producing a steady flow of vermicast, the right on has only cardboard as bedding but is only 4 Months old. Thanks, its going into Winter now so It's not so green anymore, I have done more paving and its also got a pile of cardboard stacked in the middle ready to process!!! Hi Chalen, I used this site to build my flow through, The big one is exactly this size and I made the small one half size, except I used steel in place of the wood frame, as per my photo attached. I am new to the site and interested in making this flow through design, but cannot access these plans through the link provided from UC Berkley.  Is there any other means to get these plans?  Any help would be great as I hope to build one soon and get started. Designed and made in New Zealand, hungry bin is a fast and convenient way to compost your food scraps. The hungry bin can process up to 2 kilos (4.5 pounds) of food waste per day, but needs very little space. The castings and liquid produced by hungry bin are very high quality and make excellent soil conditioner or plant food. The tapered shape of the bin compresses the castings, encouraging the worms to move to the surface layer to access fresh food. Image credit: Center for Sustainable LivingDIY Worm Composting Explained - Hilarious VideoI've been pretty public about my obsessions with compost - from my experimenting with high fiber composting to composting my house move. The City of Marion has had an excellent response to the launch of a new kitchen recycling bin to divert food scraps from landfill and turn them into compost and mulch for parks and gardens. The Kitchen Caddy is a small bin, designed to make it quick and easy for people to fill it with food scraps while cooking, rather than contaminate the garbage bin by mixing them with general household waste. Food waste accounts for about 35% of what is placed in garbage bins, so get a Kitchen Caddy and help do your bit! Simply fill out a Kitchen Caddy Collection Form(431 kb) which you can also get from City of Marion's Customer Service Centre.
Residents can purchase a new roll of corn starch bags at cost from the Customer Service Centre at the City of Marion Administration Building, 245 Sturt Road, Sturt.

Remember, you don't need to use the corn starch bags, you can simply wrap your scraps in newspaper and put them in the green organics bin. As an alternative to the Kitchen Caddy, we will give residents a $20 refund on a worm farm or compost bin purchased after November 2012 (while funds last).
You can download the Compost Bin or Worm Farm Rebate Form(461 kb) which you can also get from City of Marion's Customer Service Centre.
Home composting and worm farming are some of the most natural and efficient ways of recycling. To get your compost heap working well you need a mixture of ingredients as well as water and air. To increase the rate that worms eat your waste, we suggest mashing, blending or chopping the food into smaller pieces. A handful of lime or crushed oyster shells or eggshells or ashes from a fire will help to balance the acidity. Pre-soak any dry materials such as paper, card and old manures to keep the moisture levels up in your worm farm. In the City of Marion alone, this equates to an average of 3kg per household per week or almost 5,500 tonnes across the entire council area per year of this material going straight to landfill. For advice on home composting and worm farms, please contact City of Marion using the below details.
Visit the Foodwise website to find recipe suggestions for using up leftovers in the fridge and reducing the amount of food that goes to waste. The innovative design is highly efficient and can process up to 2.0 kilos of waste per day.
If you do need to sort some worms from castings, the lid is designed to flip over, making a tray to help you sort your worms.
My epiphyllums seem to really benefit from it, they have all flowered prolifically this year.

All you need to do is put your kitchen scraps and other organic material into a compost bin or worm farm rather than your rubbish bin. They marked the beginning of a disturbing trend that has labelled the Middle East as a breeding ground for terrorists. The worms convert organic waste into worm castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, which are both high-quality fertilisers. Worm composting offers opportunities for even the most space-confined appartment dweller to compost their organic waste, and to produce nutritious fertilizer, or 'worm tea' in the process. Now a friend has just sent me an awesome video, with simple, entertaining low-down on how to build your own worm compost bin. Less than 90 minutes later, the Twin Towers, where up to 50,000 people worked each day, collapsed. The series of aircraft collisions were all suicide attacks a€“ the 19 young Arab hijackers of the planes died along with the victims. The worms now live in the spare room at Leigh's house and have been thriving for many months. They have devoured untold pounds of organic waste, created buckets of great compost which have gone into my backyard garden, and have produced enough offspring that I have divided them up twice to create my own worm bin and one for my mom. Even mom's can compost.Maintaining a worm bin can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Please do remember that worms are living things, just like you, so try to treat them with as much love and respect as you would a pet (or at least a relative.) The Dodo Films website also features a useful trouble shooting guide for would-be worm composters, dealing with everything from unpleasant smells to excessive damp, to dead worms.

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