The number of polygamous relationships among British Muslims is increasing, according to British Muslim groups. Instead of having an affair he did the honourable thing in the eyes of Islam and married her - thus taking a second wife. Khola Hassan, a lecturer in Islamic Law and volunteer on the UK Sharia Council says she has witnessed a sense of a right to polygamy develop particularly amongst third generation British Muslims. More on this story Iraq toys with polygamy as solution for war widows 26 January 2011 Polygamy in Canada: How many wives can a man have? The IOC now says a panel will have the final say on which Russian athletes can compete at the Rio Games, having initially left decisions to individual sports. So what is it like to have two wives or be married to a man and share him with someone else?"I love both of them. When she was growing up in Britain 20 years ago she says no-one talked about polygamy as it was incredibly rare.

However in the last 15 years she has noticed more polygamous marriages taking place.It is not known exactly how many British Muslims are involved in polygamous marriages. But Imran did not tell his first wife that he had taken a second wife.His first wife lives with her in-laws. He says in the chapter on women, one verse details how men can marry up to four wives at any one given time. Imran admits the relationship between his second wife and his parents - who are originally from Pakistan, where monogamy is the norm - is at times strained.Initially, Imran didn't tell his first wife he had remarried, but eventually she accepted it and now she gets on with his second wife. Bigamy is a criminal offence which for those convicted could mean a maximum jail term of up to seven years. The situation came about in the 14th Century when there was a battle in which many Muslim men were killed, resulting in many widows and orphans. To avoid this, Muslims already legally married instead have a religious ceremony known as a Nikka, which is not registered as a civil marriage, but rather recognises the union in the eyes of Allah.

I appreciate you want to leave your wife but I don't want you to leave your wife'."But he said 'I want to be with you. Although Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra is not against polygamy, he believes in reality very few men can treat even their first wife equally and justly. So we sat down and I just said I want to be a second wife."Her husband had to break the news to his first wife who was very unhappy with the situation but eventually agreed to it rather than divorce. He agreed he would still support his first wife and their children, but she in turn said she did not want to know anything at all about Aisha, and she certainly did not want to become friends with her.Aisha's wedding ceremony was very small and held at home, and not all of Aisha's husband's family even know about her.

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