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En este tipo de preguntas la respuesta no es ni afirmativa ni negativa, es decir, la pregunta requiere informacion extra. Eunice Olawale, 41, was stabbed and cut to death by a band of Islamists in a suburb of Abuja, Nigeria on July 9th while proclaiming Jesus in the streets. She had been preaching Christ on the streets for six years, following in the footsteps of her evangelist mother, the pastor said.
A Muslim leader and five other Muslims from a mosque in the Gbazango area of Kubwa have been arrested in connection with the murder, the pastor told Morning Star.

Merriam-Webster defines exile as the state or period of forced absence from one’s country or home. Deeper still, I think many of us can resonate with the concept and feelings of exile (even if the word itself is a little stiff). Jesus didn’t come simply to offer a new pattern, or even a new depth, of spirituality.
For more on exile, consider watching this brief 3 minute video discussing the concept of exile.
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