Diabetics can use garlic to stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin, without stimulating weight gain.  When garlic oil is applied directly to the ear canal, it stops the growth of two fungi that sometimes cause ear inflammation. Lynn Wallingford Cochrane was born in Lachine, Quebec in 1950 and moved to the US shortly afterward, becoming a US citizen in 1961.
Pursuit - In the pursuit, the competitors start at intervals based on their finishing time in the sprint competition.
Relay - The relay is a fast-paced team event in which four-person teams tackle four 7.5km legs for a total of 30km. Considered to be the world's first sliding sport, skeleton originated in the Swiss town of St Moritz in the late 1800s. The men's Olympic bobsleigh competition lasts over two days, with two runs staged on each day. Curling originated in the 16th century in Scotland, where games were played during winter on frozen ponds, lochs and marshes. The key developments in the sport in the 20th century have been the standardisation of the stones and the use of indoor, refrigerated ice facilities. Each end starts with the leads alternating throws until they have each thrown their two stones. At the Olympic Winter Games, women compete in an eight-team tournament (women's hockey was added to the Olympic Winter Games programme in Nagano in 1998), whereas men compete in a 14-team tournament. A lesser amount of players can be on the ice as a result of penalties; a goal-tender can be replaced by a skater during a delayed penalty or at any other time of the game at a team's risk. A regular game consists of three 20 minute periods, with a 15 minute intermission after the first and second periods. Luge is the French word for sled, and historical findings point to the existence of sleds as early as AD 800 with the Vikings in the Slagen countryside near the Oslo Fjord.

The first international sled race occurred in 1883 in Davos, Switzerland, with 21 competitors from Australia, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.
This race took place over 4km and was won by Georg Robertson, a student from Australia, and Peter Minsch, a mailman from Klosters.
The four-run format is unique to the Olympic Winter Games and is designed to reward consistency, endurance and ability to withstand pressure, particularly on the second day. Doubles luge is a one-day competition in which pairs of athletes take two runs down a course. Now somewhere between art and sport, skating on ice was, for hundreds of years, a rapid form of transportation across frozen lakes, rivers and canals, and the oldest form of skate (a length of bone attached to sandals with thongs) dates back to 20,000 years B.C.
It was not long before Man worked out how to move quickly through deep snow in the wilder parts of the world, as paintings discovered in the Thirties clearly portray.
On the ancient artefacts, which were found in Russia and are thought to be at least 6,000 years old, a hunter on rudimentary skis is clearly identifiable alongside reindeers. It is virtually certain that a form of skiing has been an integral part of life in colder countries since that time. The Olympic Winter Games present five disciplines of skiing: Alpine, Cross Country, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Freestyle and now Snowboarding. To compete in these various disciplines one needs to master speed, endurance, dexterity, and determination.
All competitors stop four times at the firing range and must hit all five targets with five bullets. The two runs are contested on the same day and the final standings determined by the aggregate time of the two runs.
The earliest-known curling stones came from the Scottish regions of Stirling and Perth and date back to 1511.

Two years later, the International Luge Federation (FIL) was founded in Davos and remains the governing body of luge today. At most events, such as the World Championships and World Cup races, singles are contested over two runs. I have this lingering cough now for several weeks, and this might be the kick it need to over this.
Each team member has two firing sequences and is allowed three extra bullets (a total of eight) to hit five targets, yet must load the three extra bullets one by one. The final standings are determined by the total time over the four runs; the winner is the sled with the lowest aggregate time.
In the 1600s, stones with handles were introduced, allowing a delivery style similar to what is used today. The game is played on ice, and the two teams take turns pushing a 19.1kg stone towards a series of concentric circles. If a tie occurs in a medal-round game in which a winner must be determined, a 10 minute sudden-death overtime period will be played subsequent to another 15 minute intermission. The team members deliver the stones in a set order presented to the officials before the game.
Men and women compete on the same track, but the women start from a position further down the course. There is no rule that says a doubles team must comprise members of the same sex, but traditionally, men have ridden together, with the larger man lying on top for a more aerodynamic fit.

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