If you are living in the pacific Northwest then you need not worry about water at all, it is everywhere and it is drinkable right out of the streams.
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Matrix GD MINECRAFT DIRT REAL LIFE don't go in there please don't build number 11 12345678910 Steve Running Purple and Bart the creeper is not in the mood gold armor steve creepers gonna creep! If you are in the city then yes you need to bring some water, but not as much as I would in the desert southwest. In the Pacific Northwest, the room you save from having to carry water can be filled with some high quality rain gear, you will need it. If you live where water is plentiful, there is no need to pack a bunch of water purification material, you just don’t need it. Well all good information, but the truth is bug out bags must be tailor made for you and where you live, and the time of the year.

If you are in Minnesota and it is spring time that is one thing if it is winter you better have some seriously warm clothes or you just wont make it. I am saying go somewhere close by in good weather, when temperatures are mild and give it a try.
It depends on your climate, but they all change enough to warrant a change in the contents of your bug out bag. Yes there are of course basics, lighter, fire starters, water, space blanket, knife, saw, clothing, flashlight, dry clean socks, plastic sheeting, well then the list can go in any direction from there. Never Forget Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft The Minecraft is a Lie Aww, Poor Sleepy XD the end of the build orange stone Minecraft epic picture My usual survival house and my serious stuff. RE 1 Back Stairwell A Squid's Closeup air lands 3 something smells like minecraft mine craft person Herobrine Anime Creeper and Pinkie Pie shine bloke Epic Minecraft Enderman Girl Expressions Minecraft Minecraft Creeper Minecraft adoptables I made on DA Minecraft Pictures build number 4 RE 1 Foyer Resident Evil Mansion Exterior 20 ways to die in minecraft I LOVE MINE CRAFT SOOOO MUCH (SIMON & LEWISE SP SORRY) tangled in minecraft Sc2 probe my city Creeper lol Woofy! The seasons change and what you need in summer is vastly different than what you will need in winter.

Even in the desert southwest it is late October and we are down into the 50’s at night. You will understand them far better than you do now, might be fun and if it is a disaster just get in the car and go home. Awesome shining gold NPC Village Spider Jockey My usual survival house and my serious stuff.

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