Our guide training is among the most challenging, fulfilling, and confidence-inspiring experience you’ll ever have. After completing our guide training, you will have the practical skills and working knowledge to be horseback guide in remote wilderness locations. Our outdoor guide training covers the broad range of skills that are required for entry level positions in the adventure tourism and guide outfitting industries, including careers at guest ranches, horseback riding stables, fishing lodges, backcountry camping sites, and more. For both our 1 week and 2 week guide training, the first half of the course involves hands-on skills training at our ranch. When you think about how to become a guide, horsemanship and wilderness skills are probably the first things that come mind.
You are using an outdated, unsupported browser.Please upgrade your browser to experience this site properly. Our hiking tours lead you through some of the most stunning wilderness in British Columbia. Trail hiking through the pristine wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains is more than a vacation.
Glacier-fed lakes overflowing with turquoise waters, rushing rivers that wind through sweeping valleys, and towering, snow-capped mountain ranges. Adventures at Chilcotin Holidays is the email address and adventure packed it really is at the Guest Ranch in the South Chilcotin Mountain Park, close to Gold Bridge in British Columbia. The final day started off with a Firearm Orientation and Safety Lessons instructed by the two guides.
Starting with a biathlon rifle from 25 yards distance, we were shooting from prone position to sight in the guns by shooting at the target. We finished our 7­Day Pack Trip adventure at Chilcotin Holidays with this exciting target shooting experience and we left the ranch after lunch with hundreds of new experiences and things we learned. We are a licensed guide outfitter and we conduct guided wilderness adventures throughout our 5,000 square km operating area.
As you can see in the skills list below, our guide training covers much more than a basic fly fishing guide school.
Throughout our guide training, we focus on more than the basic skills that you can find in any fly fishing guide school.
Ever get nostalgic for the good old days when you got to go to summer camp and learn cool shit, meet new friends and just run out of control through nature? Taking place during Canada day weekend, this summer camp is going to give you that nostalgic camp feeling, sleeping in cabins, eating in the dining hall, doing some crafts.
For a weekend in the summer, you get 1,100 acres of wilderness, free flowing wine, beer and spirits and 200 like-minded individuals who just want to get away from it all. If your favourite part of the summer camp experience were the quiet moments, then you should check this place out.
This was actually pitched on Shark Tank in the US and has close to 10 locations in North America. This camp is about making the entire weekend about reliving the best parts of recess… games, friends and new experiences. While most of the other camps on this list are for a weekend, this one actually will take you away for an entire week!
On top of that, there’s starlight hikes, gourmet food and drink and a talent show to cap the week off.

This one has 3 locations to choose from and offers you a little bit of everything – yoga, rock climbing, wine tastings, camp games, live music, and water activities.
The objective is to meld the fun, nostalgia of summer camps, with the maturity of wine tasting and yoga. Train onsite at our active guest ranch before you ride into the mountains to hone your newly acquired skills during a backcountry horse pack trip. We break down the complex question of how to become a guide by relying on tested, established procedures that have produced scores of competent, confident guides who have gone on to live their dreams of living and working in the wilderness.
This guide training is also excellent preparation for starting your own guide outfitting or adventure tourism company, as we expose you to many aspects of the guide outfitting industry. The second half of your course will be spent in the mountainous backcountry, where you will practice your skills and experience what it’s like to work as a horseback guide. When traveling light or when you may need to move out in a hurry it pays to keep all your essential items together. From wildflower-covered meadows to majestic mountain ranges, the hiking trails in this territory are brimming with the soul-stirring natural beauty of the Canadian wilderness.
Every part of this rugged, untouched wilderness is truly special and worthy of undivided attention. On the last day of our stay ( we had come back from camp the evening before) the guides Belinda and Lennart took us out for a round of target shooting at the ranchs own firing range.
They made sure we internalized the words ACTS and PROVE, each giving us guidance on how to safely handle our firearm and how to make sure that it is unloaded. As everybody got used to the gun and the shooting, we switched to a biathlon target, and we started off a little competition.
Working as an angling guide is an ideal way to combine the sport you love with the lifestyle you dream of. By covering more than just the basics, our angling guide program empowers you to carve out your own angling guide career and even start your own fishing outfitter business.
In our experience, personal development and ongoing leadership training is just as crucial to the success of an angling guide as casting techniques. The hands-on format of our outdoor guide training is suitable for individuals with a range of outdoors and horse experience.
Throughout each portion of this comprehensive program, you will have experienced wilderness guides as your instructors.
Your ability to handle stressful situations in an unforgiving environment can quite literally be the difference between life and death.
With a place for just about everything, this multifunctional carry case also doubles as a fanny pack. With an endless network of paths weaving through the mountains, each hiking trail provides a new landscape to admire and experience to savor.
One that will likely kindle new dreams with each step as you trek along these ruggedly beautiful hiking trails.
Throughout your journey, we focus on the details, so you can focus on the beauty that surrounds you on each new hiking trail.
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After we were all professionals and knew the safety procedures, we went to the office to get targets and then straight to the range while one guide got the guns.

I managed to hit 5 out of 10 and ended up 3 already, but when we moved on to the Ruger that fires .223 Remington ammunition, we had even more fun. In our guide training, we train our students in the fishing techniques, wilderness skills, and management knowledge that every angling guide needs. The ability to learn from nature is what empowers an angling guide to lead guests with confidence, competence, and enthusiasm. That’s why we integrate personal development and leadership training into every aspect of our guide training. Trained wilderness guides lead our hiking tours, taking care of navigation, trail safety, and logistics.
Throughout the course, you’ll practice what you learn in diverse environments, including lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. Throughout our guide training, we continually present you with new challenges and greater responsibilities. From all aspects of horse-care to wilderness camp procedures and wildlife safety, we’ll teach you the broad set of skills that are essential for every horseback guide. From day one, our outdoor guide training challenges you to step up and take responsibility.
In our hut-to-hut hiking tours, we provide trusty pack-horses that transport all of your gear into and out of each camp, freeing you of the heavy hiking backpacks that are traditionally required for extended trail hiking excursions.
To shoot a rifle like that was one of my many first time experiences at Chilcotin Holidays, and me and my sister were even able to hit the bulls­eye.
Your experienced instructor will demonstrate fishing techniques and continually guide you throughout the hands-on training that forms the foundation of our program.
After completing our outdoor guide training, you’ll have the ability and confidence to lead guests into remote wilderness or embark on your own nature adventures. The kickback was not as bad as I expected, and we did not get any bruises and that was also because of the patient of care of our guides.
As you continually work on your own personal development and become better able to adapt to unpredictable wilderness conditions, this directly impacts your growth as a guide and your future guests’ overall experience.
The expedited learning curve and amount of personal development that comes with tackling new challenges every day and taking on responsibilities at a rapid pace is astounding.
Snugpak products are currently in use with the British, USA and Australian Armed Forces, and NORTHCAMP Survival school! We adjust every detail to ensure that our all inclusive vacations include all of the magnificent nature encounters that you came here for. This is paramount because we’ve found that most guests want to do more than just learn to fly fish; they want to experience true wilderness and gain a broader life perspective.
Graduates of our outdoor guide training emerge as confident, capable leaders who take charge and step up to greater responsibilities, both in their guiding work and in their own lives. And that’s why our guide training never loses sight of your personal development and leadership training, even as we hone your fishing techniques and practical skills.
We want our angling guide graduates to lead guests on meaningful fishing adventures that embrace both the fullness of this time-honored sport and the richness of nature’s life-changing impact.

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