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Located just minutes from Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada), Barefoot Bushcraft is Niagara’s only Year-round wilderness, and primitive skills and survival school. Camp Kearney is an overnight summer camp, near Algonquin Park and is owned and operated by Toronto District School Board. Please also sign me up to receive exclusive updates from Our Kids, Canada’s trusted source for private schools, camps, and activities. In partnership with Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), Harbourfront Centre Camps is pleased to offer overnight camp experiences at TRCA's beautiful Lake St. The TRCA is one of Ontario's leading outdoor and environmental education providers with over 50 years of history and experience.
Each of the overnight experiences will be run in partnership with the staff at the Lake St.
Please Note: On the week of the overnight camp experience, campers will start their day at Harbourfront Centre on the Monday morning for attendance and will then be bussed to the Lake St. All campers will be asked to fill out a supplementary information form for all overnight camps. In partnership with Toronto Region Conservation Authority, we are excited to provide our campers with the opportunity to explore both urban and natural environments in this unique program. Pickering College has an exciting residential ESL (English as a Second Language) Summer Camp for students aged 12-18 who want to learn English and experience the wonders of summer at our 42-acre campus.
I am writing a few words to thank for the wonderful time that my daughter had at Pickering College this summer 2012; it was a great experience for her, she was so happy, she learned, shared, cried, ate and specially she made many new friends from all over the world. I want to thank everyone at Pickering College who made this camp the best experience for my daughter ever. The ESL Summer Camp is an incredible experience for students from around the world to immediately learn and apply English skills in a Canadian classroom.
Pickering College is one of a few private boarding school in Canada that offers excellent ESL + Activities programs during summer.
I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all the happy moments that my kids had during the summer camp, they came back fascinated and wanted to stay for longer.
I’d recommend this experience to everyone who wants to meet people from all around the world. Camp Bil-O-Wood teaches life skills such as self-concept, independence and interdependence. Because, at camp, we live together with people of all ages from young children to young adults, we learn to be both leaders and followers. I spent 17 years as a camper and counselor at camp Bil-O-Wood, and now my children are beginning their experience as young BOW campers. Camp Bil-O-Wood is a family owned camp that is slowly being passed from generation to generation. My children have been at Bil-o-Wood for 6 years now and it was the best thing my husband and I could have done for them. Camp Bil-O-Wood has 5 $1000 scholarships for Canadian residents for our July 24th, 2016 camp session.

Camp Bil-O-Wood is giving away 5 $1000 scholarships to Ontario residents for our July 24th session. The school offers archery, shelter building, fire starting without matches, and other practical outdoor skills. George Field Centre, campers will be housed in the Bond House dormitory, a climate-controlled facility with washroom and shower facilities, classroom, lounge, kitchenette area, ping pong table and mudroom. During the first week, campers will explore the urban landscape and its impacts on the environment in our day camp setting.
As a teacher, it is a great privilege to lead such talented and motivated students in an intensive, experiential program. Our main goal was to give them the opportunity to broaden their view of the world and always to have the desire to do and be better. It's a great experience where you have fun and at the same time you can learn English and about other cultures. We have classes in the morning, and in the afternoons I cooked, I made a short film, I played sports, I went to swimming pools, with slides and more fun things!
Feel the tradition, embrace the adventure, & create incredible friendships in an unparalleled setting.
We are Paul and Trisha Ludwig, the 3rd generation of Camp directors and owners of Camp Bil-O-Wood. The community living environment, away from home, allows for a unique experience where children can grow and develop under their own direction and amongst their peers.
We learn to rely on our own decision-making abilities and decide which actions help us to become the people we want to become. It is this incredibly safe and supportive environment that makes camp the unique experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.
I firmly believe there is no better place for them to spend their developing years then enjoying what Bil-O-Wood has to offer. George Field Centre is located in the Town of Richmond Hill and occupies a 120 hectare site on the ecologically significant Oak Ridges Moraine. Campers will participate in a variety of programs including, but not limited to, lake ecology, biodiversity, orienteering, canoeing, wilderness survival and teambuilding on the low ropes course.
Each day campers will be provided with three healthy and delicious home-cooked meals and a snack, in accordance with the Canada Food Guide guidelines.
Campers will return on Friday afternoon for regular pick up at our Camper Pick Up, busing, or Extended Programme Day locations. The summer camp welcomes students who are sometimes shy and hesitant to speak and, after 4 activity-packed weeks, bids farewell to energized, confident communicators. I met guys from Mexico, Colombia , Hong Kong… and they taught me about their culture, it was very funny. In the evenings we watched films and spent time with our friends eating marshmallows and having barbecues. As the parents of three young children ourselves, we know that kids grow and develop leaps and bounds when they are surrounded by the positive influence of their peers. I would recommend this camp to anyone who wants their children to build confidence, foster friendships, and learn how to be comfortable in the outdoors.

Some of my childhood memories from Bil-O-Wood are: camping in the Canadian wilderness under the beautiful star-filled sky, canoeing crystal clear lakes and white-water rivers, playing all camp activities on Sunday afternoons like Capture The Flag, waterskiing, Saturday night themed dances, playing and developing my skills in a huge variety of sports, and unbelievable friendships that are still strong today.
George Field Centre, where they will learn about their ecological footprint, explore animals and their natural habitats, engage in wilderness survival and much more. Living in residence during the summer provides the students with the chance to build lasting, meaningful relationships with those from other countries and cultures. At Pickering College, it is such a joy to see my students happily discover the value of real world practice and make English a learning priority when they return home.
The life-long friendships, communication skills and the personal growth that have been a result of David's 12 years as part of the Bil-O-Wood family. The family oriented atmosphere and spirited energy that pervades the camp is uplifting in every way. But now, as an adult, and a Parent of a Bil-O-Wood camper, I realize the values and life-long lessons that Bil-O Wood provides. All aspects of the camp provide opportunity for leadership development and personal growth through peer support, creative problem-solving and team-building. Students not only learn English inside our hands-on class setting, but also outside of the classroom where they participate in co-curricular activities such as baking and soccer. The pride he exemplifies as he talks about the tripping adventures he has participated in, and the tripping skills he has developed (he loves to compare his achievements to his uncles , my brothers, who are also previous Bil-O-Wood campers) further displays the strength he has gained as he grows into a strong young adult. On our out trips students experience Canadian attractions such as the CN Tower and Niagara Falls. He is so happy as talks all winter about returning each summer to camp and maintains friendships with fellow campers over the winters, even states away from each other.
Children learn to grow and gain self esteem, make their own decisions and become independent. This is an experience where students leave having built long-lasting relationships, where students learn about other cultures and provide others with information about their own, and where English is developed through exciting activities and group work. The Bil-O-Wood friends, families and memories will be a part of David's life forever and has helped him become the wonderful, hard working, compassionate son I am so proud of.
They also have endless opportunities to become engaged in group activities that enhance the skills of working as a team and developing leadership qualities. He has seen things in the wilderness that only 1% of what most children will see in a life time. Being a counsellor I have never met a more amazing group of students who are as excited to learn as we are excited to teach them! I highly recommend Camp Bil-O-Wood and want to thank the Ludwig family for their traditions and dedication.

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