Troop 50 took shelter this past weekend at the Forest Ecology Preserve, where Scouts developed and put into practice the wilderness survival skills they learned during the past two troop meetings. After creating their shelters, which included a combination of natural and fabricated materials, the troop’s youth leadership led sessions on fire building, orienteering and signaling. SPL Jake, Instructor Vincent andAnonymous Patrol membersWilliam, Andrew (patrol leader)and Josh with their gravity shower prize. On Sunday, the troop held a Scouts’ Own service, where Scouts and leaders focused on how being equipped is important, whether it is being equipped for Scouts, sports or their spiritual life. Average Joe's Patrol membersDavis, Kyle (patrol leader) andRobert with their gravity shower prize.
In its Patrol Leaders Council the following Monday evening, youth leaders praised the fun everyone had, noted the shelters held up well, and the compass course was a good time.
Patrols rotated between stations, where Scoutmaster Andrew Baird discussed the components of survival kits, and Assistant Scoutmaster Jason Smith demonstrated water-filtering techniques. Finally, patrols started on the artistic creations that will come to be known as their patrol flags.
Stay tuned for proof following this weekend's wilderness survival campout that Troop 50 did in fact survive the wild. At the end of the meeting, Scoutmaster Baird unveiled the new Troop 50 flag and explained how flags create a sense of unity, identity and connectedness for groups like Boy Scout troops and as far back as the knights of old.
The troop will hold a PLC meeting Thursday, January 3 to discuss meeting plans and campouts through the spring. Troop 50, chartered by the Auburn Rotary Club, is a new unit founded in 2012 by experienced Scouts and seasoned leaders. If you missed one of the meetings, the class notes for completing the merit badge worksheet are available. For the outdoor (fun) part of the merit badge, we are meeting out where Tuskegee Drive turns into a gravel road (just past the disk golf course) at noon on Saturday, April 26th. This exercise simulated getting lost in the woods so scouts showed up dressed and packed for a day hike. On the way up the side of the ridge, we stopped let each scout practice signaling with a mirror. Once we reached the top the scouts built their emergency shelters for the night and then worked on starting fires using three different methods other than matches or a lighter. Flint and steel, magnesium strikers, steel wool and a battery, Fresnel lenses, and a parabolic mirror were all used successfully. Even though we brought an extra gallon of water, we were running low by late afternoon, so a group of scouts took the water filter and found a small creek to filter water. On Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast, tore down the shelters and hiked back down to the road.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Initial mental status changes in response to cold may be subtle and include hunger and nausea. In superficial frostbite, you may experience burning, numbness, tingling, itching, or cold sensations in the affected areas. In deep frostbite, there is an initial decrease in sensation that is eventually completely lost. Dehydration: Occurs when the loss of body fluids, mostly water, exceeds the amount that is taken in.
Heat exhaustion: This condition often occurs when people exercise (work or play) in a hot, humid place and body fluids are lost through sweating, causing the body to overheat. If exposure to the sun continues, second-degree burns may occur and blisters with clear fluid may form. Swelling, burning, and pain at the site of the bite may be severe, with tissue breakdown occurring around the bite.
Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, thick tongue, difficulty speaking and swallowing, numbness, and tingling around the mouth. As a result of their work, Scouts attending the campout earned the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. Our two patrols competed in a map-reading and orienteering course, with the final bearing leading to a gravity-fed shower for each patrol's future use. They also thought rotating troop cooking and cleaning among patrols worked well and spread the load among everyone.
After the meeting opening, members of the Average Joe's Patrol presented members of the troop with suggestions for wilderness gear, clothing and hydration.
We look forward to the grand unveiling of their original works of art, which will become visual identifiers of the troop's inaugural patrols. I am in Scouts because I love to be outdoors, I am a leader and will help anyone who needs it at anytime, and I love to have fellowship with my friends who I can have fun with!
He represents his patrol on the troop Patrol Leaders’ Council, works with the troop's senior patrol leader and other youth leaders, and appoints the patrol's assistant patrol leader. This condition happens when you are exposed to temperatures below the freezing point of skin. The time between 11 am and 2 pm contains the most powerful solar radiation exposure period.
Treatment: If there is only redness and pain at the site of the bite, application of ice is adequate treatment. This was also the troop’s inaugural campout, which gave them a chance to check out troop gear and begin working together in their patrols and as a troop-team.

After the opening, our program patrol, the Anonymous Patrol, led the troop meeting in a review of wilderness first aid.
I am a Life Scout, a member of the Order of the Arrow and have attended National Youth Leader Training. The senior patrol leader will lead the meeting, which will also include the assistant senior patrol leader, patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders -- but any Scout in the troop is encouraged to attend and participate.
The troop will follow a pattern of regularly scheduled Monday evening meetings from that point. I am a Life Scout, member of the Order of the Arrow, and I served as assistant patrol leader in my previous troop. Treatment: Sun protection or appropriate coverings should be worn at all times, but especially during this time to decrease risk of sunburn. Clean the area with soap and water to remove contaminated particles left behind by some insects (such as mosquitoes). Scouts, Webelos IIs, parents and leaders then joined together to attempt making paracord survival bracelets. Consult the troop's online calendar for upcoming meetings, and once discussed by the PLC, other troop activities.
The person's cooling system, which is controlled by the brain, stops working and the internal body temperature rises to the point where organ damage.
Treatment: Wash the snakebite with soap and water, apply suction using an extractor device without incising the wound if less than 15 minutes have elapsed from the initial bite and the person who has been bitten is more than 1 hour from medical attention. Refrain from scratching because this may cause the skin to break down and an infection to form. Scoutmaster Andrew Baird reviewed the many uses for paracord in a wilderness survival situation, from providing material to lash, create survival shelters, fish, provide first aid, and even floss your teeth!
I play soccer on the JV Soccer Team for Auburn High, I go to church, I am in the Auburn High Marching Band and I love Auburn University Sports and Auburn High Sports!
I was a part of the only Auburn football team to go undefeated in its 7th, 8th and 9th grade years.
Apply a constricting band above the bite if less than 30 minutes have passed from the initial bite. The troop will exercise its wilderness survival knowledge during its first troop campout Jan.
Bring your ideas for programs, advancement, service projects and camping.Any plans made by the PLC will be posted to the troop's online calendar.

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