If booking online please read and follow the instructions carefully or contact the office for assistances. For detailed information on this expedition please "click" on the brown buttons to the right. Shooting the Today Show on Necker Island, in the British Virgin Islands, with Jimmy Buffett, Vendella, Sir Richard Branson, and Matt Lauer. Perhaps no one in the field of outdoor survival and preparedness training has the variety of television experience as Cody Lundin. Whether your fancy is glacial lakes, sandy beaches, rocky coasts, or lush forests, Canada has them all, in a national park system that’s one of the world’s best.
Find the best activities in Northern Ontario, from paddling historic waterways to riding a train through rugged terrain. Take a journey that cuts through the heard of the Rockies and explores how a country came to be.
Canada’s oldest established city, Quebec City, is pleasantly walkable, with lots of open spaces to enjoy.

From Cape Breton to Quito, Great Bear Rainforest to Memphis, 20 wildly diverse places make our wanderlust list for the new year. The tobeatic hosts some of the most pristine forest, lakes and river systems in the world and is home to the Bear River community of the Mi’kmaq (Pronounced Mig-maw) people.
Having learnt the basics, including canoe and water safety we will set off on a voyage of discovery along the Big Pine and Sporting Lake loop, navigating streams, rivers and lakes, learning the skills of traditional canoe travel, including poling, portage and camping as we go. With his penchant for going barefoot, braided hair, quick wit, and alternative lifestyle, along with his professional understanding of the physics, psychology, and physiology of survival, Cody is routinely sought after to help develop or host new network and cable programming. Arizona has more terrain and weather variables, within the shortest travel time, of any comparable region in North or South America.
From Argentina to Oz, this list reflects what’s authentic, culturally rich, sustainable-minded, and of course superlative in the world of travel today.
Spot wildlife as you hike amid a pristine wilderness of snowcapped peaks, hanging glaciers, alpine meadows, and crystal-clear lakes.
The Mi’kmaq people have hunted, fished and traveled throughout the tobeatic since the days of Glooscap, their creator.

Cody will work closely with your production company to ensure your programming needs get met.
With an abundance of wildlife such as Moose, Deer, Beaver, Loon’s and Eagles, the tobeatic wilderness area is the perfect location to be introduced to the Canadian Canoe.
He was the first person chosen to host the hit Discovery Channel show Dual Survival for four seasons. We have designed alpine winter survival segments in knee deep snow, only to shoot desert survival segments two hours away the very next day. He has also appeared on camera for dozens of network news shows for FOX, CBS, NBC and various morning shows and other programming around the nation. This amazing geographical diversity allows your crew unequaled potential for quickly capturing multiple story concepts under the same operating budget dollar.

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