Ideal for scouts and leaders, our 16-hour Wilderness and Remote First Aid course gives you the skills and confidence you need to respond to an emergency when help may be delayed. Many scouting activities require that one or more adults be certified in Wilderness First Aid.
Given that we live along the Wasatch Fault, capable of a 7.0+ Richter event that would kill hundreds and injure thousands, we realized these skills have many applications outside the wilderness. If you enjoyed her post, consider becoming a subscriber – posts will be sent directly to your inbox. Attendance at this class is limited to Venturers and Scouts fourteen years of age and older, and adults. The course meets BSA requirements for wilderness first aid training among all crews participating in national and council high adventure camps. Several of our adult members along with Scouts elected to take the Wilderness First Aid Course.
We learned various ways to splint extremities, reduce a dislocated joint, treat heat stroke, stabilize and evacuate an injured person, and how to respond to a myriad of other possible scenarios. This is a 16-hour first aid course for back-country situations when EMS is not readily available.

Olympus—in the middle of the Salt Lake Valley with full cell phone reception—fits that definition of being more than an hour away from definitive care. We are lucky in that one of our adults is a Fire Captain and Paramedic who also operates a WFA training facility.
She has a full-time job in the financial industry and is part of the leadership of Troop 411 at Hilltop United Methodist Church in Sandy, UT. BSA is requiring that a least one person, preferably two, (either an advisor or a youth participant) in each crew be currently certified in Wilderness First Aid for Philmont and we recommend this training for all High Adventures. The contrast is even more stark in a Wilderness setting where you are hours and perhaps days from Wilderness EMTs or Search and Rescue and the only medical aids and treatments you can carry are in your pack, what you can MacGyver from backcountry resources, and in your head.Which is why I recommend that all hikers, backpackers, and hiking leaders take the 16 hour Wilderness First Aid certification class. In addition to self-diagnosis and self-care, understanding how to assess a patient and stabilize them in the Wilderness until help can arrive can make a huge difference in whether an injured hiker lives or dies, or retains full bodily function after an incident.Wilderness First Aid classes are available from REI, the Wilderness Medicine Institute, The Boy Scouts, NOLS, SOLO and many other regional outdoor groups. The classes combine classroom lectures and scenario-based practice sessions where you can apply the hands-on assessment skills you learn in class in mock accident scenes. You also benefit personally by building your Wilderness skill set and the increased certainty and confidence that comes from it. And by the way Urine is sterile to a point because it contains Ammonia but never should be used to sterilize Open gaping Wounds of any kind like deep cuts.

The Ammonia in Urine can be used to neutralize the Toxin in Jellyfish and Man of War stings and Bee and Wasp Stings in emergencies and has been for over a hundred or more years.. My Doctor in San Diego was a Backpacker, so he was able to prescribe a number of Medications for me for Pain, Diarrahea, and Viral and Bacterial, issues..
Reply Earl Gilbert December 30, 2015 at 10:45 am # Wilderness first aid sounds similar to combat first aid we had in the Army, although there was a huge emphasis on gunshot wounds, sucking chest wounds and 3rd degree burns, which one is unlikely to be exposed to in the wilderness.
Treating for shock, recognizing cold weather and heat related injuries, immobilizing broken limbs and reassuring the patient can all be applied to wilderness first aid. Even after 17 yrs MR experience, I learned stuff on the course I attended that I’d never come across before. Reply Jason Thomas December 30, 2015 at 1:21 pm # I took the class 3 years ago before going to Philmont Scout Ranch for 10 days of backpacking. Massdrop: Get Huge Discounts on Ultralight Backpacking Gear from Top Cottage Manufacturers like Zpacks, Enlightened Equipment, Lukes Ultralight, ULA and many others!

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