After the 32nd chapter of Treasure Island, two of the puppets strolled out to have a pipe before business should begin again, and met in an open place not far from the story. Some two months afterwards, the young man was carried on a stretcher to the physiciana€™s house.
After this talk, the child would never pass one of the unfettered on the road but what he spat at him and called him names, which was the practice of the children in that part.
Now when he was forth of the wood upon the highway, he met folk returning from the field; and those he met had no fetter on the right leg, but, behold! And when he was home, there lay his uncle smitten on the head, and his father pierced through the heart, and his mother cloven through the midst.A  And he sat in the lone house and wept beside the bodies.
A little after, they both died, and came together before the great white Justice of the Peace.A  It began to look black for the friend, but the man for a while had a clear character and was getting in good spirits. So the man was cast in the pit, and the friend laughed out aloud in the dark and remained to be tried on other charges. Once upon a time there came to this earth a visitor from a neighbouring planet.A  And he was met at the place of his descent by a great philosopher, who was to show him everything.
First of all they came through a wood, and the stranger looked upon the trees.A  a€?Whom have we here?a€? said he.
The natives told him many tales.A  In particular, they warned him of the house of yellow reeds tied with black sinnet, how any one who touched it became instantly the prey of AkaA¤nga, and was handed on to him by Miru the ruddy, and hocussed with the kava of the dead, and baked in the ovens and eaten by the eaters of the dead. In the ancient days there went three men upon pilgrimage; one was a priest, and one was a virtuous person, and the third was an old rover with his axe.
Just then they passed a country farm, where there was a peacock seated on a rail; and the bird opened its mouth and sang with the voice of a nightingale. At last one came running, and told them all was lost: that the powers of darkness had besieged the Heavenly Mansions, that Odin was to die, and evil triumph. And they rode two hours more, and came to the sides of a black river that was wondrous deep. And they rode all that day, and about the time of the sunsetting came to the side of a lake, where was a great dun. At the gates of the dun, the King who was a priest met them; and he was a grave man, and beside him stood his daughter, and she was as fair as the morn, and one that smiled and looked down.
And in the meanwhile the two lads looked upon the maid, and the one grew pale and the other red; and the maid looked upon the ground smiling.
Presently the news got about; and the two lads and the first King were called into the presence of the King who was a priest, where he sat upon the high seat. And the younger son looked in it, and saw his face as it were the face of a beardless youth, and he was well enough pleased; for the thing was a piece of a mirror. But he was like the hunter that has seen a stag upon a mountain, so that the night may fall, and the fire be kindled, and the lights shine in his house; but desire of that stag is single in his bosom. So the man rose and put forth his boat at the time of the sunsetting; and the Poor Thing sat in the prow, and the spray blew through his bones like snow, and the wind whistled in his teeth, and the boat dipped not with the weight of him. So the man stooped his hand, and the dead laid hold upon it many and faint like ants; but he shook them off, and behold, what he brought up in his hand was the shoe of a horse, and it was rusty. It befell that the Earla€™s daughter came forth to go into the Kirk upon her prayers; and when she saw the poor man stand in the market with only the shoe of a horse, and it rusty, it came in her mind it should be a thing of price. Now the wind blew through the Poor Thing like an infant crying, so that her heart was melted; and her eyes were unsealed, and she was aware of the thing as it were a babe unmothered, and she took it to her arms, and it melted in her arms like the air. The Kinga€™s daughter made no more ado, but she turned about and went home to her house in silence.A  And when she was come into her chamber she called for her nurse.
Now when the nine years were out, it fell dusk in the autumn, and there came a sound in the wind like a sound of piping.A  At that the nurse lifted up her finger in the vaulted house. So they went by the sea margin, and the man piped the song of the morrow, and the leaves followed behind them as they went. Print PDFThis week we’re going to look at some of the very basic questions surrounding research.
What gives my research credibility over say, a newspaper doing an unscientific or quasi-scientific survey or poll? In many cases, especially with modern technology, the costs can appear to be negligible for the actual research.
These are not mutually exclusive, but perhaps don’t expect your first foray into the world of research to be all 4 things! If your research is leading to a higher degree or promotion, it is probably easier to tolerate subject matter that is less than fascinating.
None of my research has ever been approved in advance, in fact much of it has been very unpopular. My latest project on the Design & Function of Hospital Ambulance Bays has landed me in hot water a couple of times.
If you have think you have an idea that will advance pre-hospital care, or improve safety and increase efficiency, then begin a Quest!
Research can be an exciting adventure, and can provide your career with that extra boost that keeps you excited & interested over the long term.
With regards to the statistics courses, the upcoming events section of the site has some great info on upcoming courses on research methods, statistics etc. I wish someone would initiate a study on the development of medical professionals with multiple sclerosis.
A valid experiment allows for the conclusion, A causes B, to be based on evidence and sound reasoning by reducing or eliminating the 21 threats to validity.

Fleeing from the typhoon, she picked up her sister and came to the orphanage looking for shelter and loving care.
Children from the orphanage with Gospel tracts, ready for some outreach work in their home villages. Pastor Joseph Raju, distributing school uniforms, notebooks and text books to the orphans and to school children. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. When I began conducting my own non-traditional education I spent a lot of time reading books. After awhile I began to see this thread running through so many success stories that I would have been an idiot not to try it. LVDS was introduced in 1994, and has become popular in products such as LCD-TVs, automotive infotainment systems, industrial cameras, machine vision, notebooks and tablet, and communications systems.
Recently, we have seen a great variation in price and configurations in both simple and very complex assemblies.   The following is a simple guide to explain the fundamentals of the cables used, and it should help you understand what you need to know when asking for bespoke Cable Assemblies. With so many choices available the cost will vary, depending on the type and configuration you need.  The good news is that if you have a requirement for a bespoke LVDS Cable, you will find them very easy to replicate and the costs shouldn’t be that high.
A word of warning, however : due to the fact that so many people are confused and  unsure of what they need or who to contact get the cable they need manufactured, we have seen some very high prices. I hope this has been useful to you, and the main message to take away here is that LVDS need not be confusing or expensive – that is, as long as you seek the right advice from people who know this product type well and who will have your best interests in mind. Because Nicab really know their products they always understand what I need and keep me up to date with the latest technology. When we need expert advice & a company that deliver on time and in a hurry, Nicab are our first choice because they really care!
We keep coming back to Nicab because they are fair, honest and seriously know what they are doing.
Again, is this association with a recognized institution or are there organizations that generally oversee research for various disciplines?
For example, if I want to know whether epinephrine is really effective in resuscitation, I might want to withhold it in half of the resuscitations I do.
After completing a degree in biology at the University of Victoria and the University of Alberta, Trystan returned to the UofA and studied paramedicine. Definitely a very good point – we shouldn’t be doing research for the sake of doing research, a common pitfall I think! Did the fact that you didn’t have operational or ethical approval hold you back in terms of publication later? You are going to need the buy-in and consent of the provider where you work or whatever provider is going to be the source of data. Research can be expensive if you want to train everyone in a system to do different things on different days for example or if you want to have half the units in a system use one type of equipment and the other half use something else.
The research projects I’m currently involved with are based on a personal curiosity in the subjects, and are not part of any academic pursuit or qualification.
I’ve been lucky enough not to incur any major financial burden as a result of these research projects, in that they are generally questionnaire based, researching educational methods. Purely subjective on my part, but a sizable percentage of my MS friends have a medical background. While some of them may be specific to the kinds of research we did, military experimentation, but I am sure many of them apply to your work, which I applaud by the way.
Capability not exercised: about once a year we did really big experiments with 50-75 new technologies, ideas, or concepts. Capability variability: depending on the echelon of employment we had from just a few to 20-30 pieces of the same technology used by different people during the experiment.
Player variability: lets face it, some people are better than others at doing certain things or using certain technologies.
Data collection variability: Is there a large error variability in the data collection process? Trial conditions variability: Are there uncontrolled or unmonitored variables in trial conditions for like trials? Violation of statistical assumptions: Are the correct analysis techniques used and error rate reduced?
Player changes over time: We always insisted that units provided the same people every day throughout the experiment. Data collection changes over time: Are there changes in instrumentation or manual data collection during the research. Trial conditions change over time: Are there changes in the conditions (weather, light, start conditions, and threat) during the experiment? Player differences: Are there differences between groups unrelated to the treatment (technology being used). Data collection differences: Are there potential data collection differences between treatment groups?
Nonrepresentative measures: Do the performance measures reflect the desired operational outcome. An Introduction to Reflective Practice for ParamedicsNavaneetha R on Free Online Course: Understanding Research MethodsSharon Middleton on Here’s looking at you! For this reason, we urge you to speak directly  to  companies like ours which will not take advantage of your situation, and through   whom the costs will be in-line with most other similar assemblies.

If there’s another question that fits in with the theme of the week, feel free to throw it into the mix. I imagine that when I want to get my research published in an academic journal, the journal is going to be looking for some assurances that rigorous standards were met along the way.
Are there any or are paramedics still just submitting our work to journals that are more closely tied to the other medical professions?
After more than a decade of practice, Trystan's energies have returned to academia where he is an active educator and a nascent researcher. The conclusion that we were doing more harm than good by crashing Ambulances in people and killing them was pretty unpopular, to say the least. Once you know what it is you want to research you will want to develop a hypothesis (the question you are going to test). Residents, particularly ER residents, are great to team up with as they are often required to conduct research as part of their education and it is a great way to foster the connection between field EMS providers and the physician community. Additionally you must go through a committee on human research if you expect to be printed in a peer reviewed journal (the gold standard of scientific research). Money also helps in hiring research assistants to collect data or biostatisticians to help with the pesky analysis.
At first I thought that research was only for those undertaking higher degrees, but that is certainly not the case!
I have no experience running clinical trials or similar, but hope to get involved in some in the near future. The challenge was to make sure that if one of them wasn’t working very well we knew it so that it did not skew the data collected. We had to make sure that the players were all very similar, trained to the same level, and all passed a proficiency test. Make sure you track these so that you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to the great white shark.
If not, it may have been the difference in trial condition that attributed to the performance of the technology. For us this meant that we could not use engineers to experiment with a capability that was intended for the Infantry.
For us this meant that If using the technology or product should increase lethality, we had to collect data to answer that measure.
Just keep in mind that there is an outline for subsequent posts and we’re trying to “stay on topic” with a group of similar, related subjects in each post.
Maybe the question should be turned around – why aren’t more of us doing research with the qualifications we have?
For the neophytes among us: what is a refereed academic journal and how do I even recognize one in the crowd? However, what if I just want to know whether “customer satisfaction” is affected by early disclosure of the costs associated with service? I know its “the million-dollar question” but really, people get research done all the time, who’s paying for it?
This does not all paramedics and EMTs need to conduct and publish research, but we all must become good consumers of what other professions are concluding about us and how we practice. Universities are great places to find graduate students and professors who may be completely interested and excited to work with EMS providers.
Morally and ethically you want to go through a committee on human research, which will require you to assure that you obtain informed consent from any person that could be affected by your research (the standard of consent is considerably lower if you are conducting retrospective research). Money for prehospital research conducted by EMS providers, however, is virtually non-existent.
I did a quick search on the internet and found several stats courses online, self-paced and free. We always had to make sure the capability, if it worked effectively, effected overall mission success. We strived to make sure all of them were working to the same level so that our data would be clean.
A great piece of equipment used by someone who did not really know how to use it ends up not being used very well by that person. Their personal abilities may have done more to contribute to their success than the technology did. I realize that there is an ethical aspect to this question in terms of biasing the outcome if, for example, “big pharma” is paying for drug research but let’s not let that overwhelm the actual intent of this question. However, paramedics and EMTs who are truly interested and have the willingness (and talent) to conduct primary clinical research must do so. If you can find an epidemiologist who wants to work with you that can be excellent as many are willing to share their incredible knowledge about conducting research as they work with you on a project. This is important, however, because we want to be sure that we protect the dignity and rights of our patients who become subjects of our research.
The intent is just to find out where beginning researchers can find support for our projects.
The future of our profession is riding on our ability to step up and both formulate and answer questions about how we operate.

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