Side Release Whistle Fire Starter Buckle for Survival Paracord Bracelet with Flint & Scrape - Safaripal Go Further! Flint Rod and Metal Striker, very easy to start a fire in survival and emergency situation. Great Survival Tool! Legal Disclaimer*Jeep, Wrangler, CJ and Rubicon are registered trademarks of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). His report was the first time any official had publicly implied that there could be a serious lead problem in Flint's water.
Behind the scenes, Del Toral’s boss, EPA’s Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman, apologized about the way the report was leaked to the press. The draft report details hazardous waste levels of lead in Flint resident Lee Anne Walters’ home. These days, Del Toral says he hasn’t been keeping up with all the national news headlines about Flint. Del Toral was first alerted to Flint’s water problems last spring, when Walters called the EPA to complain about high levels of lead in her tap water and warn officials that her child had been diagnosed with lead poisoning. Del Toral followed up with Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality, asking about corrosion control treatment in Flint. But Walters found out from city reports that Flint was not using any corrosion control treatment. So he started digging for more information, asking the DEQ again what kind of corrosion control treatment Flint was using. Del Toral visited Walters' home in April, to help set up a more thorough test of the water.
The levels of lead that Del Toral and Virginia Tech’s Marc Edwards found in Walters home were incredibly high. But Del Toral noted something I had not known before: That those tests were done about three weeks after the city had shut Walters water off.

Before Del Toral drafted the interim report that first alerted the media to the EPA’s concerns, he and others within the federal agency, met via conference calls with state environmental regulators.
The next day, Wurfel started our recorded interview this way: “Let me start here – anyone who is concerned about lead in the drinking water in Flint can relax,” Wurfel says back in July. With word from EPA officials that the interim report should not have been released and was not finalized, Wurfel went on to call Del Toral a “rogue employee.” Wurfel has since resigned from his position.
In Michigan Radio’s documentary about the Flint water crisis, Guyette praised Del Toral as a hero, who leaked the report over fears that Flint’s residents were unknowingly being exposed to lead in their water.
Having worked on lead regulations since the early 1990s, Del Toral says there was some truth to that. Ultimate survival emergency outdoor whistle - Be ready for any situation or crisis with our guide to building a top notch survival kit.New! But back then, because the report wasn’t finalized, the EPA wouldn’t talk about it with the media. In it, Del Toral raises serious red flags about the lack of corrosion control treatment, something that’s required under federal rules. Since October, he’s been busy working with a water task force to help resolve Flint’s water problems. Emails show that in February 2015, DEQ staff told Del Toral Flint had a corrosion control program.
This treatment helps prevent lead and other heavy metals from leaching from old pipes into drinking water.
The valves, the pipes, the fittings, the couplings, couple of minor brass connectors, but nothing that would produce the level of lead that we found,” he says. One test registered more than 13,000 parts per billion; almost three times as much as what the EPA classifies as hazardous waste. Instead of connecting to the water main in front of her home, it stretched down to another street.

The city had used garden hoses to connect her home with safer water through her neighbors' home.
Because clearly if you did understand, first of all, it’s just inconceivable that somebody would not require the [corrosion control] treatment in the first place. But he says the agency’s main concern wasn’t that he gave it to Walters, who requested a copy. He knew DEQ wasn’t going to require Flint to implement proper treatment for some time, if at all. If we accidentally use your photos without your permission, please contact us and we will remove the photos asap. But Walters explained to him that she had to replace all the plumbing in the home before her family moved in.
So Del Toral says the water that had thousands of parts per billions of lead had likely been pooling in that old pipe for a few weeks.
But state officials disagreed, saying they needed time to assess Flint’s new water source first.
The concerns were mainly over erroneous reports that Del Toral had given it directly to the media. Following some of that, the statements, it just, it was really surprising to see a government agency saying the things that they were saying, I guess,” he says. In fact, Walters gave it to the ACLU’s Curt Guyette, who eventually forwarded it to Michigan Radio. Bernie Sanders promised that under a Sanders administration the EPA would keep a vigilant eye on water safety, which is essentially what the agency is already supposed to do.

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