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A key component of initial hospital examinations and treatment is the diagnosis of a spinal cord injury as incomplete or complete. Diagnosis of a spinal cord injury as incomplete verses complete is made by locating the neurological level of injury and determining which myotomes and dermatomes remain intact.
While at first, the difference between some and none may seem subtle, after further consideration the full impact upon relationships, employment, health and independence become more obvious.
Taking our first real life example, the inability to achieve a sustainable erection and satisfy your partner sexually is self demoralizing and can place a huge strain on an existing relationship or marriage.
Hence, the inability to achieve a sustainable erection following spinal cord injury vastly reduces the opportunities available to men in finding a life partner, getting married, and fathering children.
As a C4 incomplete quadriplegic I have no sensation from the nipples down or elbows out, though I feel compelled to state, I can achieve sustainable erections. In our second real life example, having no forearm sensation makes it virtually impossible to determine by leaning on an object if it’s hot or cold, acidic, dirty, sharp, sticky, wet etc. As an incomplete quadriplegic I have limited forearm sensation, areas of my body void of sensation seem to have a way of eventually getting the message through. While eating dinner one night a complete quadriplegic friend of mine realized his roast pumpkin was missing, totally unaware it had fallen onto his bare foot causing third degree burns. Our third real life example of wrist extension means moving the back of the hand toward the back of the forearm (upward).
I have no wrist extension and cannot legally drive a car (not because my injury is incomplete). I agree, my GP admitted he knew about spinal cord injury in general but would assist in finding a local spinal injuries specialist with concise knowledge and experience if I wish.
Incomplete or complete many of the challenges in life after spinal cord injury are being met through advances in medicine, assistive devices and education. People with complete spinal cord injury may not be able to achieve a sustainable erection but many enjoy healthy active sexual relationships. This entry was posted in Hospital Admission and Treatment and tagged disability sex, hospital admission, neurological level, spinal cord injury, wheelchair love, wheelchair sex on August 29, 2010 by Graham - Site Admin. To all the valued members of the Mad Spaz Club I look forward to learning more about you all for many years to come, sharing with open hearts our experiences through the freedom of speech empowering us and making all our lives meaningful positive and the richer. It is funny, we have researched and asked many drs, some of wich where specialist in this field. From what you describe here and elsewhere about your husband, yes he has what is considered an incomplete injury and those with complete injuries typically do not spasm. In my case, my stubborn determination, goal setting, and support of professionals has allowed me to not only drive, but walk – with an eye to running. As one ankle floppy need to keep knees slightly bent for balance, but not too much as knee extensor on other side week. Had injury back in ’84 and thanks to brain guy rather than legs and arms guy for saving cord function. For me so far fractures minor like ankle and fingers which happens more falling while walking than from using chair. When I was release from the hospital in late 2010 I was classified as (complete) Asia A t11, now almost two years out I am noticing that I am getting more and more spasms in my thighs, knees, calves and ankles (enough sometimes to actually bounce the front tires off the ground), some times i can get them to stop or calm down with concentration although I cant feel these areas.
When I mentioned all of this to the rehab facility that I had been released from, (at my re-eval in 2011) they told me that none of it meant anything and that i was imagining it. Jennifer I agree that 3 months into the injury would have been a bit soon to make judgements like that.
He asked another Pfizer chemist, Willard Welch, to synthesize some previously unexplored tametraline derivatives. Welch then prepared stereoisomers of this compound, which were tested in vivo by animal behavioral scientist Albert Weissman. Pam zakar ini mampu memberikan kuasa maksimum kepada ereksi dan juga mampu memberikan daya ketahanan dalam intercourse.

Jika anda tidak mahir dengan urutan batin, atau inginkan sesuatu yang ringkas dan cepat, pam zakar ini adalah pilihan yang tepat.
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Between the attention grabbing and action stage, there were two stages interest and desire. Incomplete means some sensory (feeling) or motor (muscle) function exists below the neurological level of injury, including the lowest sacral segment (S4-S5). We covered this in the previous article and move on here to explore some real life examples and the long term outcomes of incomplete verses complete spinal cord injury. To understand the broader implications of incomplete verses complete spinal cord injury we first need to consider the following real life examples. Impotency drastically reduces the number of potential partners interested in forming new sexual and intimate life-long relationships and greatly suppresses ones sexual self awareness, sexual development and sexual expression. These undeniably huge life events are keenly sought by most men, and as such, they are possibly the greatest example of difference between an incomplete and complete spinal cord injury.
Technically I am paralyzed and void of sensation from the chest down but as I’m incomplete my legs and feet spasm frequently.
My spinal cord was damaged above the neurological section responsible for wrist extensors – C6. The absence of motor and sensory function below the injury site does not necessarily mean that there are no axons that cross the injury site.
I see specialists annually so kept my GP who has been brilliant in learning with me the intricacies of quadriplegia and spinal cord injury. Research and studies highlight the need of improved therapies and treatments for spinal cord injury. Stem cell research and advances in medicine are narrowing the differences between incomplete verses complete spinal cord injury. There is an ASIA standard chart that Physio’s and others use to determine level and completeness. For normal movement I have finally had to resort to a power chair, as my deltoids are gradually losing function.
Being an incomplete is much better than a complete (the other case where this works is lunatic… no one wants to be a complete lunatic). Normally wear white socks if I have to wear shoes with AFO to prevent rolling now senseless feet.
I also have noticed that I can feel the muscles at and up to my knees front and back of both legs flex when i try to move them.
I am trying to figure out (on my own) how to add up the motor function part of the asia chart but not sure how the maximum for left and right sides can only be 50 (it maybe stupid, but i cant figure it out) Any explanation, advice or insight into any of this would be greatly appreciated. The existence of any motor or sensory function below the level of injury places you as incomplete. I used to get the most horrendous spasms for about 30 years post-injury so the bit about people with complete injuries is not true.
Move on to pivotal issues on the front: education, medical care, employment and access to social interaction. Selain dapat merawat penyakit mati pucuk (erectile dysfunction) dan ejakulasi pra-matang, ia juga terbukti dapat membantu lelaki yang inginkan saiz zakar yang besar serta mempunyai ketegangan dan kekerasan yang maksimum. Billboards that have out-of-the-ordinary pictures attract attention, mostly to the skin than to the message of the advertisement.
Thus, you can quickly capture the attention by telling them loudly that you have what they are searching for. Without making big claims you just create interest in the mind of prospective customer and he or she will be motivated enough to buy from you. Complete means no sensory or motor function exists below the neurological level of injury, including the lowest sacral segment (S4-S5).
Incomplete and complete translate into being able to achieve a sustainable erection or not, having sensation in forearms or not, having wrist extension or not, to name but three examples.
Testosterone levels, impotency and virility have long been proven to have widespread influence upon the male psyche. That said, there are many ways to sexually please a person and we advocate these throughout our website.
Void of forearm sensation it’s impossible to estimate the weight of an object by holding it. When no wrist function exists and a diagnosis of incomplete is given there is small chance of regaining some wrist extension. The ability to drive (or not) has universal impact on employment opportunities, independence, freedom of travel, maintaining friendships, living in rural and remote areas, participation in the community, outings and social integration in general. Having held A and C class, omnibus, motorcycle, forklift, cherry picker, scissor lift, and speedboat licenses, being active and adventurous driving is something I miss terribly.

Many clinicians equate a complete spinal cord injury with the lack of axons crossing the injury site. Technology such as computers and disability schemes are broadening employment opportunities after spinal cord injury. Still, the differences are significant and should be considered on an individual and whole basis. Reproduced from International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury, revised 2000. I do my driving tests (every two years, because I’m a gimp) through the Rehab Centre. Can have very high function with social continence so complete does not mean more disabled or you can be quad.
It is very slight but it is noticeable (by touch and very close visibility when this happens it is accompanied by the sensation of the flexing in the muscles.
When incomplete, spasm and sensation can be a pain sometimes, but is usually beneficial in the bedroom department.
My son is diagnosed as C-4 complete Asia A but everything I read tells me he is incomplete.
They would make it hard to breathe, cause my legs to kick the hell out of things and sometimes almost wrench me out of my chair sideways. I am 420 friendly and when i use eatabls my spas like problems are reduced 80 percent, hope to see FL. Arch Gen Psychiatry -- Early Coadministration of Clonazepam With Sertraline for Panic Disorder, July 2001, Goddard et al. However, much animal and clinical data suggest that an animal or person with no function below the injury site can recover some function when the spinal cord is reperfused (in the case of an arteriovenous malformation causing ischemia to the cord), decompressed (in the case of a spinal cord that is chronically compressed), or treated with a drug such as 4-aminopyridine.
Laws for wheelchair friendly buildings and environments are increasingly becoming legislated. Incomplete verses complete spinal cord injury does not affect a person’s ability to love, respect, achieve and live a full satisfying life. As an advocate and keynote speaker for spinal cord injury awareness I am not afraid to discuss tough and controversial subjects. I know some is threw living it but my husband has 10 almost 11yrs living it too and did not know most of this. The droppy foot has a zero for ankle dorsiflexors so have drag it back before I put weight on hopefully underside of foot.
I also know another quad who had fallen with ankalosing spondilitis after tripping over a child.
I also have random temp sensations throughout both legs and groin area as well as occasional pressure sensations throughout legs and groin areas. Now in its sixth edition the International Standards for Neurological and Functional Classification of Spinal Cord Injury was first published in 1982. This has not changed in those 35 years except that I lost some more sensation due to a syrinx. Absolutely any area of skin or body part void of sensation is vulnerable to many forms of harm. When no wrist function exists and a diagnosis of complete is given, change is extremely rare. And greater sexual awareness and rights for wheelchair users are being established globally.
I have become a better man for listening to you the Mad Spaz Club members, and I thankyou one and all. I do not think we even knew that he has leg spasims becuase of a differance in him being incompleate vs compleate. By clinical assessment and completion of this form an accurate classification of spinal cord injury can be determined.
My right side has so much tone through permanent spasm that it is partially clinched all the time…and this is with the full load allowable of Baclofin and Gabapentin.
I hope all you spinal cord injury prone people get the best out of your life, wish you the best. So willing to bare your soul and share your precious thoughts many of you have touched me deeply.
I have burned my abdomen, sprained an ankle really badly, snapped my femur, had a pelvic and abdominal infection so severe I almost died, plus other things and never felt any of it.
I have cried and laughed along with you, it has been humbling, empowering, and will always be my honor. I currently have a pressure sore on my backside and an injury on my leg which is quite nasty and can’t feel them either. Like he was in the car the other day and a cold drink was leaning on him below where he could feel. I get very little spasm these days by comparison and it’s usually just a twitch or two. He is only three months into his injury & think they are being premature in stating this.

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