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Police in Kirklees are appealing for information from the public after a series of incidents in Cleckheaton, Heckmondwike and Dewsbury that followed an English Defence League (EDL) demonstration on Saturday in Cleckheaton. At 1pm on Saturday around 60 members of the EDL took part in a peaceful, pre-planned demonstration in Cleckheaton Town centre. Shortly afterwards the police responded to reports that the window of the Co-Op in Heckmondwike had been smashed.
Anyone who thinks that they can help with this investigation is asked to contact Dewsbury CID via 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. This entry was posted in Anti-Muslim violence, English Defence League, Far right racists, UK by Bob Pitt. The court heard that, on Friday 25 June last year, the trio had attended an EDL march in Bradford and had been on their way home when they travelled from Manchester Victoria to Wigan on a Northern Rail service.

During the journey they became abusive and intimidating, subjecting several passengers to a torrent of racist abuse.
Dripping wet, noses running, trying their best to snarl and sneeze at the same time, the EDL's finest army of losers failed to capitalise on the Paris murders, soaked to the skin, sad and incredibly lonely, looking so pitiful, anti-facsist passers-by had to fight the temptation to drop pennies into their tacky merchandised hoodies. The demonstration, something that the police had been fully notified about, ended without incident at 3pm and the group dispersed. Two men from Bradford, a 32-year old and a 20-year old were arrested at the time and are currently on bail pending further enquiries. A group of men in Corporation Street, near to Pizza Go-Go, had abused and assaulted a 35-year old Asian man, knocking him the floor and leaving him with a black eye and bruising to his ribs. We have had a shop front damaged in Heckmondwike and the serious incident of the assault on the 35-year old man in Dewsbury Town centre. Whilst arrests were made for the damage offence, I am appealing for anyone with any information that could help us identify further suspects for the assault and disorder in Dewsbury to contact us.

At Salford Crescent an Asian man boarded the train and was immediately targeted by the group who shouted derogatory remarks about Allah to the man. Maybe they should speak to the benighted Meir Weinstein, aka Meir Halevi aka Meir HaLevi Weinstein, currently flirting with the far-right Austrian Freedom Party. Whilst antifascists partied on Broadway and the City Park, sheltering now and again for a well deserved coffee or two, as the rain got heavier, sloshing perfunctarily on flat lager can after can, left the EDL's fucksoldiers dancing around needing the toilet. White pride beefs the warped Aryan ego, racially abusing passing Asian families with little kiddies, but is of little use when you are alone, damp, depressed, and wondering what the fuck you are doing stood around in a cattle pen, getting wet, for nothing, when your real friends (if you have any) are at home, feet up, warm and cosy, watching a movie and eating pizza. At least, that way, they can stay dry hovering under cover on a train platform, grumbling at immigrating trains with darker liveries.

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