That means you should have on hand an essential stock of medications for use in the aftermath of a SHTF moment, and you also must consider alternative medication where it is applicable. For example, keeping an ample supply of hydrogen peroxide in stock is a key component of any survival first aid kit as it can perform so many different medical functions, from disinfecting wounds to helping with certain breathing ailments.
The trick is knowing what to stockpile, and how much to have on hand and on the next page we cover some of the basics. Our first responders are important people who could never get enough thanks for all they do. The EMT Paracord Bracelet is designed with a white line of paracord threaded through our bright blue 550-lb.
There are well over one hundred uses for the over 7 feet of paracord that comes in this attractive ?”-wide bracelet.
Wrap a piece of yarn or cord around your wrist and mark the point at which it is a comfortable fit then measure with a ruler. Measure around your wrist at that location in inches to determine your bracelet size and order accordingly.
Independent security researcher Evan Booth wondered if it was possible for terrorists to craft deadly weapons using only items for sale at the duty free shops and newsstands beyond the TSA checkpoints. No special tools are required—all of these implements were crafted with an innocuous, TSA approved multi-tool.
After enduring a particularly invasive trip through airport security, white-hat hacker Evan Booth wondered if it was possible for terrorists to craft deadly weapons using only items for sale at the duty free shops and newsstands beyond the TSA checkpoints.
This quirky quartermaster has cracked coconuts using nunchucks made from dental floss, copies of US Weekly, and souvenir magnets purchased at Hudson News. Booth’s creations have a Mujahideen meets MacGyver vibe, but the design choices are carefully considered.
Magazines, Scotch tape, and batteries make up the bulk of Booth’s materials, but he believes the most interesting elements come from regional gift shops.
Terminal Cornucopia is especially impressive, or alarming, considering Booth limited himself to items that could be purchased at stores.
Over the last nine months, he has shared four reports detailing his destructive designs with the TSA prior to posting the videos online. This Sprinkle Water Can Solar Fountain DIY Project is detailed in a step to step tutorial that brings together vintage items into a garden water feature powered by a solar pump.
Water features have become a real popular addition to backyard landscaping projects and fountains are probably at the top of most people’s list. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no medical claims, nor intend to diagnose, treat, or heal medical conditions. Written by top kid activities bloggers, Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack will help you make a great summer experience for your whole family. We’ve got 18 summers with our kids home (give or take) and we want to make the most of it – create those childhood memories that we hope our kids will enjoy looking back on for their whole lives. Camp Mom features myself and the bloggers behind Kid Activities Blog, Hands on as we Grow, The Artful Parent, Teach Preschool, Tinker Lab, A Mom with a Lesson Plan, No Time for Flashcards, Red Ted Art, The Imagination Tree, Kid Stuff World, Not Just Cute and Modern Parents Messy Kids. That’s a whole lot of kid activity experience, and between us we’ve created Camp Mom to help you make this the best summer yet. Tips for success: managing sibling conflict, what to do with the toddler, and how to enjoy a museum with your kids. The great thing is that it’s formatted so that you can start any time – stretch it out all summer or make it an exciting activity week.
The best way to know if the Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack will work for you is to take a look at some of our sample pages.
I am so excited about Camp Mom, this is exactly what I need to help me create the kind of summer experience I want for my kids!
Use our planning printables to make flexible routines that help you enjoy your kids AND take care of yourself.  Print your Summer Bucket List and plan the things you most want to do this summer.
When you download Camp Mom you’ll find a section that gives tips for choosing one of the themes and planning a day or a week around it. Water:  Summer is the perfect time to splash around, so this section includes  games, pretend play ideas and lots of interesting wet sensory fun.
PLUS – Sensory Play Any Day theme with a printable list of ideas you can refer to any time you need an activity QUICK that will engage the kids and keep everyone happy.   The Sensory Play section also includes links to loads of sensory activities that rank as favorites with our kids.
Buy Camp Mom for anywhere in the world, and Etsy will take care of the currency conversion. You will have immediate access to your downloadable file.  You can read the book on screen or print it out. With the surge in interest in tiny houses, and the growth of a “tiny house community” online, there has been increased interest in the development of real-world tiny house communities.
Probably the most serious effort so far is the “Napoleon Complex” tiny house village being developed by Jay Shafer’s Four Lights Tiny House Company. But people have many motivations for building tiny houses, and one model might not work for everyone. For some tiny house builders, the countryside represents an escape from what they see as the overly restrictive requirements, and hectic atmosphere, of cities and towns. Rural areas tend to be more lightly regulated than cities or suburbs, and some have limited building codes or even no building codes at all. A good example of this approach is THT commenter LaMar Alexander, who runs a site called Simple Solar Homesteading. Ability to implement sustainable features (composting toilets, rainwater collection, even grey- and black-water treatment and reuse, all of which are difficult or impossible in urban areas). Potential cost savings in terms of permit fees, utility costs, and perhaps even property taxes. Farther from services and amenities, usually requiring car trips to reach stores and other places, so gas consumption may offset the “sustainability” and affordability benefits mentioned above.
As mentioned before, the tiny house village being proposed by the Four Lights Tiny House company is one great model to watch. Another set of examples are several cottage communities that were developed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, including Anchor Square and Cottages at Oak Park. Potential for shared resources (laundry facilities, swimming pool, common house), making these resources more affordable and efficient. Increased ability to socialize with neighbors, especially if it is a community of like-minded tiny house folks.
Still not the most efficient land-use model; conducive to sprawl (though perhaps on a lesser extent than traditional suburbs). Potentially vulnerable to natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, making adherence to building codes important. Essentially, an ADU is a small house or apartment that is added to an existing property, often a single-family home.
Access to urban infrastructure (power, water, sewer, trash disposal), which is generally efficient.
Potential for increased family cohesion if one unit is used as, for example, a “granny flat”. Building code compliance likely means that trailers on wheels, for example, are not possible. As a contrast, it’s instructive to look at the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a country with little or no enforcement of any kind of building code. Tiny house owners may not feel vulnerable to earthquakes, but other forces, like tornadoes, hurricanes, and fire, can have devastating effects on these types of structures if they are not built properly. One of the wonderful things about the tiny house movement is that it allows a wide range of people to re-acquaint themselves with the experience of designing and building their own homes. Building codes are important, but they shouldn’t stand in the way of reasonable individual expression. If you enjoyed this discussion on designing and building communities you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter with even more!
Vincent Baudoin is a designer and builder with a background in public interest design, sustainability, and integrated design-build. I would like the small community of small houses but would like to park my little car closer to where I live.

The numbers per acre for the Napolean Complex are frightening when translated into either suburban or rural settings, especially rural. I live in an ordinary size house on 5 acres, which is about the smallest acreage you can go for multiple rural dwellings. A central tool shed, where the community contributes as a whole, and has to sign to leave to the community as a whole if they leave.
I have not long turned 50, and am happy to live solo with my dog, but enjoy the company of others for short periods. I can’t think of anything more pleasant than to be part of a community where I can choose to join in community get -togethers, or have an evening to myself. From one tiny house enthusiast (and smaller footprint advocate)to another, keep the dream alive! All that laid out, there are some rugged folks out there who can do it, or are at least willing to give it a good effort…for you brave souls i say read, ask, think, plan, learn!! There are several examples of properly designed artificial wetland systems for dealing with greywater, many are maintained by government agencies and universities. Usually it takes a little longer after I publish an article for people to start making references to human excrement. Vincent… My partners and I are in in phase one of development of tiny home village in Telluride Co. Public outhouses often are unpleasant because people leave the lid up, urinate and defecate on the seat and the floor, drop toilet paper about and leave the door open so flies get in. I would have loved to build in a small house community but there were none that I could find when I built the cabin. Communities would also be better for safety as living in a rural area puts you many minutes away from police, fire and hospitals. Communiteis could also share garden space and animal raising chores and if you have children a community helps to provide your kids with more experiences. I would love to find a small house community that is involved in art, music, gardening and simple living and someday maybe that will happen. Since you are “The Guru”, and on wheels, and internet based for business, why not head over here to Vermont? You forgot 2 large tiny home, in fact the largest of tiny home livers, RV and liveaboard boats. I also find owning land is cheaper, especially old mobile homes on lots where you jusy scrap the trailer top and build your own tiny home lewgally on the old trailer frame as a repair or rebuild.
But living on water with the great other liveaboards all watching out for each other is the best community I’ve ever known in my long yrs.
Hospitals generally do not have a massive stock of medication or supplies on hand, and they will run out quickly if the situation is dire enough. From making an animal leash, clothes line, or jump rope, to more serious uses like mooring a boat, rappelling down a cliff, or tying snowshoes, paracord can be used for so many uses.
There is your cobrabraid paracord bracelet size!In order to determine your correct bracelet size, use a flexible tape measure at the location where you would like to wear your COBRABRAID.
Photo: Evan Booth"It feels a bit like the net effect of my work thus far has been a violent, fiery step backwards," says Booth. After fashioning a fully functional shotgun with Axe body spray, Red Bull cans, and nine volt batteries, the answer turns out to be a decisive, anus-clenching, yes. The large, lithium-ion batteries in laptops are basically useless for destructive purposes, but tiny amounts of elemental lithium scraped from the inside coin cells can create huge fires and toxic gases when mixed with water. Geodes for sale in Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport are both heavy and sharp while Statue of Liberty tchotchkes from LaGuardia make excellent spikes and shrapnel. He ignored the readily available, and wildly dangerous, high-voltage cardiac defibrillators hanging on walls and toxic cleaning chemicals left unattended on janitor’s carts, figuring removing them might draw attention. According to Booth, family restrooms at the airport are even better workshops for terrorists to tinker in since they offer a private space equipped with a full size sink, power supply, and a handy workbench in the form of an infant changing table. A device called Airplane Mode turns the rotors of an RC car and a Bic lighter into a remote detonation device. Booth says his prototype took one and a half extinguishers to put out and wonders if three or four rolled onboard, would there be enough extinguishers on board to put the fires out? They were happy to accept his info and sent a couple FBI agents to his home for a short discussion, but haven’t yet provided any feedback addressing the vulnerabilities that his research has identified. Fountains come in a number of styles and can be created to specifically fit in with almost any design style.
This project would be perfect for homesteaders with its solar collector system which powers the fountains pump that supplies the constant flow of water to the very top of the vertical fountain.
Women who are pregnant or nursing, or persons with known medical conditions should consult their physician before taking any herbal products. I tend to have great expectations for the summer but pulling it all together while managing a house and family can make it difficult to execute. Some people print the entire book, others like to just print the planning pages or specific activities. It consists of 16-22 units per acre, with communal facilities including parking and a common house.
In this article, I talk about three general approaches to tiny house communities, and the pros and cons of each. Therefore, they naturally attract tiny house builders who wish to build houses that are on wheels, below a certain size, or otherwise non-code-compliant. He and others advocate rural living as a return to simplicity, arguing it can help save money and improve quality of life.
Such a community could perhaps organize around institutions like churches and schools, or via the Internet.
True, mobile home communities often attract low-income people, but then so does the tiny house movement, and that’s precisely the point. ADUs are not allowed everywhere, but progressive localities like Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon have recently begun not only to permit them but also to actively encourage their development. This allows a city or neighborhood to gradually increase its density through urban infill, without the negative impact that might come from a large apartment complex, for example. And it’s true that they (and other laws and agreements, such as homeowner association (HOA) covenants) can, intentionally or unintentionally, restrict or even ban efforts to build small.
That way, my house is less likely to burn down, and therefore less likely to take my neighbors’ houses with it. The quake killed upwards of 50,000 people (government estimates range as high as 316,000) and rendered up to 1,000,000 homeless. The architecture and construction industries are highly professionalized, and while some people continue to build their own homes, it’s not common. Where codes are unfounded or overly restrictive (and I think some minimum size requirements fall under this category), the tiny house movement should consider working to change the system. Have you tried one of these models of tiny house living, or another that I didn’t mention here?
He develops tiny house designs and construction plans -- check them out at Pilothouse Design. People who move to the country for the peace, remoteness, quiet, lack of zoning, ability to keep livestock etc are talking about small acreages but with densities as high as urban settings without the infrastructure to support that many people, that much garbage, sewage, runoff, parking and general spot pollution. There are many ways now to manage household waste, but for the most part people are ignorant of these methods, or if not, too lazy or cannot afford to install them. They stink terribly, they also attract flying insects that spread the love to everything they land on.
In a time when fresh potable water is at a premium, using it to flush effluent away is downright stupid. I am lucky enough to be only 10 minutes from a small town and I own a local business and two online businesses and do most of my work at home to minimize driving.
A community would be beneficial in keeping costs down as most small home owners do not want a lot of land and could share common property and utilities like power, water lines, and sewer hookups or have it set up like a primitive KOA with an RV dumping station. I waited almost an hour for the FD to show up and put out a field fire that got out of control. One requires always paying rent to someone else or having a lot of money to buy a house and then paying a big mortgage forever.

Transformers 4 Dinobots Pedobear Chapter 41 Sad Funny Things My life,my rule When you see it, you'll shit bricks! Our Cobrabraid EMT Paracord Bracelet will not only prepare you for emergency situations, but it also shows your respect for the EMTs in your area.
Photo: Evan BoothThis spike was made by melting a souvenir spoon with an ignited can or aerosols into a mold made from a Red Bull can. And while he has yet to figure out how to weaponize a Cinnabon, his arsenal of deadly weapons and step-by-step building instructions, collectively titled Terminal Cornucopia, should strike fear in the hearts of frequent flyers. Whiskey is theoretically flammable; however, travel-sized cans of Barbasol pack more punch. Paired with a suitcase filled with travel-size aerosol cans, wooden stirring sticks from Starbucks, and toilet paper snatched from the men’s room, and you have a surprisingly effective improvised explosive device. If you are interested in the more unique style fountains, you can try a do it yourself project with a solar powered pump system. Everything you need can be gotten relatively easily from a number of sources and the whole project can be accomplished in a few hours. We are also on a tight budget so I am looking forward to giving my kids great summer activities that we can do at home. Best of all, ADUs can be a source of income, because a property owner can rent out either the ADU or the main unit. To work as ADUs they need to comply with building and zoning codes, which means they must built on permanent foundations. Creative disobedience is another possible path—as long as your house doesn’t catch mine on fire.
Multiply the number of dwellings using that same acreage to as many as 80 -110, and you have a formula for major problems with overtaxing the water supply, exceeding the capacity of any noncommercial waste disposal, problems with parking , and a huge garbage problem. But, as you say, once you get to a certain number of dwellings per acre then systems need to change.
We witnesses these systems in fail mode when we lived in NM; Federal EPA involvement and all.
We do not want our building to fall or burn or do any number of other things that can kill or injure people. But who is calling our local building departments to task and demanding they justify themselves? For me, what would work the best is if cities divided up those big empty lots into tiny plots for building small houses on.
Our paracord is made in the USA by a military contractor and then we have weave them by hand at CobraBraid.
The CobraBraid EMT Paracord Bracelet is a gift that not only looks great on, but it could also be used to save a life.
Photo: Evan BoothHe designed a fully functional, breech loading shotgun with Axe body spray, Red Bull cans, and nine volt batteries. Photo: Evan BoothTaken separately, none of the components are that dangerous, but when laid in series trained eyes can spot the beginnings of a bomb.
His devices are refined in a terrifying process of trial and error to maximize their ability to injure passengers, breach the cockpit, or destroy the plane.
To get there, you’ll have to jump through an End Portal, located within a Stronghold.
With four kids even reasonably priced extracurricular classes are not an option this year, thank you for writing this superb ebook! These are also known as mobile home parks, RV or camper parks, or manufactured home communities or parks.
In addition, mobile home communities, if well-organized, can offer a real sense of “community”, as well as many shared services, that most suburban neighborhoods can’t provide.
They can also be a source of family unity, allowing extended family members to live near each other while retaining a degree of independence.
Still, the benefits of downsizing and simplifying are all there, with the added potential for rental income. Public services such as fire departments, emergency rooms, and disaster response are less likely to be overwhelmed. While several factors accounted for the lower death toll, Chile’s strict building codes were a major reason that relatively few people died. Photo: Evan BoothOver the past nine months, Booth has shared four reports detailing his destructive designs with the TSA prior to posting the videos online, but has received little feedback from the agency regarding fixes to the gaping holes in security. Photo: Evan BoothA suitcase filled with travel-size aerosol cans, wooden stirring sticks from Starbucks, and toilet paper snatched from the men's room becomes a surprisingly effective improvised explosive device. I am a major planner, but rarely take the time to implement the actual planning stage & then often don’t get around to the activity because of my lack of planning…so this is a perfect fix.
Insurance companies can provide insurance at reasonable rates, confident that construction adheres to a certain level of quality. That all of this is encouraged and in some cases enforced by building standards make me wonder if there is some giant conspiracy.
Photo: Evan Booth"Maybe my expectations are too high, but I don't think it should be that easy to build an explosive device out of items purchased in an airport," says Booth. Photo: Evan BoothAmazingly, Booth has suffered almost no injuries as a result of his experimention, aside from the occasionally cutting his fingers opening RedBull cans. Photo: Evan BoothThis quirky quartermaster has cracked coconuts using nunchucks made from dental floss, copies of US Weekly, and souvenir magnets purchased at Hudson News. However, as dangerous as Endermen may be, the Ender Dragon won’t teleport away at the first sign of trouble. These things are real issues for single dwellings – how much more visible is a tiny house community of 10 or more dwellings? Photo: Evan BoothBooth believes the most interesting elements come from regional gift shops, like this Statue of Liberty tchotchke from LaGuardia, which makes excellent spikes and shrapnel. Photo: Evan BoothIn less than eight minutes, Booth was able to turn this coffee tumbler into a fragmentary grenade. Photo: Evan BoothThe Constitutionally-themed club called 'Murica looks as much like an editorial cartoon as an implement of destruction. Photo: Evan BoothBooth's devices are refined in a terrifying process of trial and error to maximize their ability to injure passengers, breach the cockpit, or destroy the plane. The best weapons and armor in Minecraft are made of diamond, and you can augment these with enchantments, so they are undoubtedly your best bet. Photo: Evan BoothAfter watching the videos, it's all too easy to imagine a ne'er-do-well assembling these weapons in the loo at 30,000 feet. Photo: Evan BoothA hair dryer, umbrella, and braided rope made from condoms became a makeshift dart gun.
Photo: Evan BoothFamily restrooms at the airport are ideal workshops for terrorists to tinker in since they offer a private space equipped with a full size sink, power supply, and a handy workbench in the form of an infant changing table. At the top of these pillars are Ender Crystals, which heal the Ender Dragon when it gets near. Grim Reaper Cartoons Funny Things Honeycomb Black and White Mountain Wallpaper Abstract Wallpaper Abstract art When you see it, you'll shit brix! Disgusting cocoa face Alice in Wonderland (1951) Beauty of nature Some pictures from my favourite cartoon:Winx Club a™? aksident ~ Wallpapers: Full HD ~ I'm all yours my random shit Rofl ! It might be a good idea to stay elevated, atop one of the obsidian pillars.Fire at the dragon with your bow.
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