Free-air gravity map shows a region that extends from the south pole of the Moon up to 50A°S. The latest study conducted on the mysterious grooves on the moon is about to change the "most violent" chapter in history. Approximately four billion years ago, space rocks pummeled onto the surface of the moon and earth. The area surrounding the Mare Imbrium or "Sea of Showers" is the dark patch found on the northwest quadrant of the moon. Past research stated that the 720-mile wide basin was caused by a cosmic impact and was thereafter filled with lakes made out of lava. Along with David Crawford of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Schultz might have just solved the mystery.
Schultz along with Crawford now aims to apply their method of research on the craters of Mars and Mercury. I was born and rised in Northwest Georgia, have lived in Macon for the past 10 years, and often travel the state, so I hope all of you can take my word on it.
The Metro Atlanta Region pretty much takes up the central west part of the state, and should be classified in it's own region due to its population and vastness. All the regions of Georgia right now are undefined, and most recently, new ones are being created. I think these 5 regions are comprehensive enough, but not excessively detailed to hinder usefulness. I'm thinking we can include Greater Atlanta in the Piedmont Region, which includes counties from Floyd to Heard County on the west, and Hart to Lincoln on the East. I don't think such a large Piedmont region is a useful organization strategy for this area.
The thing about the Metro Atlanta region is that it transitions from the urban-ness of Atlanta and Fulton County to the traditional southern rural-ness, and suburban areas in between. I think having a separate Metro Atlanta article for just the metropolitan area makes sense, and is what we usually do for regions breakdowns.
I think its important that we get the Georgia Regions organized in a way that best emphasizes cultural distinctness while maximizing usefulness. My proposal for region definition is to the right, with regions names from Top to Bottom: Historic High Country , Metro Atlanta, Classic Heartland, Plantation Midlands, and Coastal Georgia. This differs from the current organization primarily in that the large Piedmont region (which is based on a geographical feature) is replaced with a tighter Metro Atlanta region, with the remaining counties dispersed among adjacent regions.
This change is important because it highlights the Metro Atlanta area at the top of the region hierarchy, and does not bury it as a sub-region.
Lastly, I think these 5 regions are comprehensive enough, but not excessively detailed to hinder usefulness. I don't know the first thing about Georgia, but it looks fairly solid to me, and I generally trust you guys judgement on divisions. Text is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, images are available under various licenses, see each image for details. Hier im Nationalpark Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer hat man die Moglichkeit, direkt an der Kuste unter dem Einfluss der Nordseeluft mit Ihrem gesunden Reizklima, erholsame Tage in prachtvoller Natur zu erleben.
Der Westerhever Leuchtturm, ist das Wahrzeichen fur die Region und der Halbinsel Eiderstedt.
Regarding DST, Saskatchewan and the far-eastern land peninsula of Quebec (directly south of Labrador) do not observe Daylight Saving Time. The worldwide standard for coordinated universal time, formerly known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), is now abbreviated as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The UTC Time (shown directly below) is the standard time zone upon which all other worldwide time zones are based.
A wildfire burns in the Palo Colorado Canyon in the scenic Big Sur region of California's Central Coast, Monday, July 25, 2016.
Another operator escaped injury when a second bulldozer rolled over and sustained minor damage, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Battalion Chief Robert Fish said the operator was working in steep and difficult-to-access terrain when the accident occurred. The death occurred as firefighters worked around the clock against the blaze near a scenic stretch of the California coast, where smoke and the threat of flames forced the closure of state parks near Big Sur, a popular tourist area.

Pacific Coast Highway remained open Wednesday, but its signature views were marred by a dark haze.
The blaze could crest a ridge and make a run toward campgrounds, lodges and redwoods closer to the shore, officials said.
To the south, firefighters made progress containing a huge blaze in mountains outside Los Angeles, allowing authorities to let most of 20,000 people evacuated over the weekend return home. The fire has destroyed 18 homes since it started and authorities found the burned body of 67-year-old Robert Bresnick on Saturday in a car and said he had refused to be evacuated. The fire in rugged wilderness between the northern edge of Los Angeles and the suburban city of Santa Clarita grew slightly to nearly 60 square miles (154 square kilometres). Firefighters expected temperatures to reach about 100 degrees (38 Celsius) on Wednesday with winds gusting to near 25 mph (40 kph). He said the 40 per cent containment figure was good news but a€?that means there's still 60 per cent of containment left to get. There was also high potential for a€?fire runsa€? up slopes still choked with unburned brush, he said.
The Big Sur closures were put into place for parks that draw 7,500 visitors a day from around the world for their dramatic vistas of ocean and mountains.
Eight men who had been working on a marijuana field were rescued near the fire lines Tuesday after spending days wandering smoky trails with little water or food.
Meanwhile in Wyoming, a large backcountry wildfire in the Shoshone National Forest put about 290 homes and guest ranches at risk.
New climate predictions showed that trees in boreal forest are only going to be benefited by the warming temperature for a short time and will reach its tipping point by 2050. A new study revealed that trees in North American forest will not be of much help in mitigating the effects of higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Previously, scientists assumed that trees in high latitudes benefit from the warmer temperature and higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air due to the growth limitations imposed by the colder temperatures in the region.
However, a study published in the Ecology Letters found no evidence supporting the boreal greening effect in their simulations, Furthermore, the study also suggests that trees in higher temperatures actually benefit in warmer climate, but once they reach the tipping point, the increasing temperature may be more detrimental than beneficial in tree growth. For the study, the researchers analyzed the combined climate projections for North America developed by the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) with historic tree-ring records based on samples covering the period 1900 to 1950 at 1,457 sampling sites across the continent. Using the data on how the growth of trees changed historically under various past climate, the researchers then predicted how the trees will grow in the future across the continent from Mexico to Alaska.
Their projection showed that trees in the Southwestern United States will have up to 75 percent decrease in their growth rate. Due to the slowing growth rate of trees, forest may soon turn from being climate asset to a carbon producer very quickly. Earth-directed CMEs can cause a space weather phenomenon called a geomagnetic storm, which occurs when they funnel energy into Earth's magnetic envelope, the magnetosphere, for an extended period of time.
In the past, geomagnetic storms caused by CMEs of this strength and direction have usually been mild.
In addition, the CME may pass by additional spacecraft: Messenger, STEREO B, Spitzer, and their mission operators have been notified.
The terrain in the image is based on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) altimeter and camera data. A detailed analysis done by astronomers on one of the moon's most famous craters reveals more about what really caused it. Such period was called the Late Heavy Bombardment, which reportedly caused the number of craters on the moon. In their study published on the journal Nature, the Imbrium Sculpture and the Imbrium Basin were formed by a giant asteroid as big as a baby planet, or a protoplanet.
South of that region around Columbus, to Macon and Augusta is the Fall Line and that region could be its own classifacation (including Athens).
Could we please document here exactly what the regions of Georgia will be, and ideally delineate them geographically. Names (from top to bottom) could be: Historic High Country , Metro Atlanta, Classic Heartland, Plantation Midlands, and Coastal Georgia. Geographically, the Piedmont Plateau runs through Georgia around all those counties, including Greater Atlanta.
Although those counties may share a geographical feature (the plateau), I think they are rarely ever associated for tourism or travel.

Since the Metro Atlanta is made up of 28 counties in the Central West portion of the state, that leaves a few counties left in the Piedmont Region. Joggingman, would you mind putting up a color coded map like Jesse's to demonstrate what the regions breakdown that you are proposing would look like.
Breaking the regions down further at this level would add little value to a traveler and just add to confusion.
I also agree, as I said above, that a Metro Atlanta region should be included in any top-level regions scheme. If there aren't any objections within the next week, why don't we just go ahead and implement the new scheme! Fish did not have further details about the incident but said 60 bulldozers were being used in the fight against the fire.
Residents of 300 homes were ordered to evacuate and more than 2,000 firefighters were trying to douse the blaze. It burned nearly 11 square miles (28 square kilometres) and forced the evacuations of 900 people, but no homes had burned by Tuesday, authorities said. This assumption is known as the boreal greening effect and is believe to dampen climate change by greening under its effects. Furthermore, the researchers discovered that the warming climate might already been pushing many forest towards their tipping point, which may be reached as early as 2050. However, researchers believe that the conclusion drawn from their study can also be applied in other boreal forest outside the continent, especially boreal forest in Eurasia, which is known as more extensive and as more important than the boreal forest in the North America. These particles cannot travel through the atmosphere to harm humans on Earth, but they can affect electronic systems in satellites and on the ground. The CME's magnetic fields peel back the outermost layers of Earth's fields changing their very shape. If warranted, operators can put spacecraft into safe mode to protect the instruments from the solar material. EDT shows the bright light of a solar flare on the left side of the sun and an eruption of solar material shooting through the sun's atmosphere, called a prominence eruption. Info from the LRO-LAMP instrument recently helped scientists discover two geologically young craters near the lunar south pole. According to research, a protoplanet which is roughly the size of the New Jersey state caused the crater. Aside from the features radiating from the center of the Imbrium Basin, another set of grooves had caused astronomers to push through with the study. I named it Piedmont Plateau, but we could change that to Central Georgia and change what is currently Central Georgia to "Metro Atlanta" or "Greater Atlanta".
The only other points of interest outside Greater Atlanta in this region are Athens and Lake Lanier Islands.
Furthermore, those outlying counties you mention above are all similar in their traditional southern rural-ness for a traveler; the unique area is the Metro Atlanta region, and I think that should be reflected in our organizational hierarchy. This is a nice, well-defined proposal, so I'd be happy to start on a Wikitravel-style regions map once we've established a firm enough consensus here. Hat man die 157 Stufen erklommen, bietet sich ein weiter Blick uber gro?e Teile von Eiderstedt, uber die Insel- und Halligwelt, der wohl unvergesslich bleibt. Jerry Brown who is at the Democratic National Convention with other top state officials, declared a state of emergency for both fires on Tuesday night. Magnetic storms can degrade communication signals and cause unexpected electrical surges in power grids. If we could settle on the regions & their borders, I would like to draw up a Wikitravel-style map of the state.
I think the driving factor here should be what is the most useful organization for a traveler, i.e. Do you think for a traveler it's more useful to emphasize this distinction, or to have a larger Piedmont region which includes a culturally unique urban area with many rural towns? Storms are rare during solar minimum, but as the sun's activity ramps up every 11 years toward solar maximum a€“ currently expected in late 2013 - large storms occur several times per year.

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