I have noticed that during the winter months nosebleeds happen more easily than in the summer months. Yes, nosebleeds can be caused by climatic conditions, but they can also have emotional causes.
Dr Tan and his team of physiotherapists have designed a home based self management program you can try. While there are sometimes dangerous reasons such as an infection, tumors, and fractures, most causes are mechanical. While mechanical causes of knee pain such as sprains, degenerative knee osteoarthritis (wear and tear), meniscus and ligament injuries are usually not dangerous, they can cause significant distress, making it hard to walk, causing time off work, affect a person’s social interactions and result in poor mood. Where the pain is severe, or when there is an obvious emergency such as an accident causing a potential fracture, it is important to consult a doctor urgently.
In long standing conditions which have been properly assessed by your doctor to not be dangerous or in mild cases of knee sprain, rest and self-help measures can be useful. Many mild cases can usually be well managed by an experienced doctor who can provide a clinical diagnosis based on a patients clinical history and physical examination. In cases where the initial treatments have not been effective, an X-ray would be a cost effective way to rule out most dangerous underlying problems. Using techniques such as manual therapy, medical massage, ultrasound, stretches and exercises, it can have a good result in many cases. However recent medical opinion indicate that the benefit of viscosupplementation on pain and function in patients is minimal.
However, years of clinical experience have also now shown them to be of very limited benefit. In most other cases, even where pain and stiffness are severe or have been present for a long time, there are multiple non-surgical options that a patient should first consider. As surgery can have significant risks and cost, it is important to balance this carefully against the potential benefits expected.
In rare cases, patients may continue to suffer from symptoms of pain and stiffness after surgery. In some instances, the body has not had enough time to fully recover and symptoms will improve with rest.
At times, there could be some technical aspects of surgery that should best be discussed with your surgeon. There are also cases where a patient’s original symptoms are caused by multiple factors such as inflammation, joint dysfunction, degeneration, and muscular trigger points. Surgery may correct one specific cause of the patient’s symptoms but not be able to address the other causes.
At The Pain Relief Clinic, we adopt a biomedical targeted approach that addresses how the multiple component causes of knee pain affect you. This allows us to provide treatment strategy that targets the root causes of your condition using medical technology in a comprehensive and cost-effective way. If you are suffering from knee pain, or if your condition has not improved despite other treatments, we are able to help.
Dr Tan and his team of physiotherapists have designed a home based self management program you can try.

Spasmodic torticollis is the name given to the twisting of neck muscles due to genetic factor.
For some people chronic sinusitis can cause infection on the ears, jaw and scalp giving rise to twisting of neck muscles. Some of the other signs of torticollis are headache, cramps in the neck, back pain and rigidity of the muscles. The doctor will conduct detailed examination of the patient taking his family history and health condition.
In many people, the affected muscles can be brought to normal position within few days or weeks.
In rare cases, surgical procedure is done for correcting the nerves of the neck preventing muscle contraction.
A facial tic is a repeated spasm, often involving the eyes and muscles of the face. Causes Tics most often occur in children, but may last into adulthood in some cases. The side effects of radiotherapy differ from one person to another as per the radiation amount, treatment schedule, your physical health, part of the body that is being treated and the medications you may be taking. The general side effects faced with radiotherapy include fatigue, changes in the appetite pattern and depression or anxiety. Towards end of the treatment, you may see that you face difficulty passing urine and the frequency of the need to pass urine has increased than the usual.
Some people have the flare-up of the rash due to coming in contact with animal dander, detergents, soaps, perfumes and other chemicals. Olive oil is full of antioxidants which remove all the impurities and toxins from the blood, stimulate circulation and soothe the skin immensely. Apple cider vinegar has innumerable medicinal values which cure a vast number of diseases and ailments. This is common in dry climates, or during the winter months when the air is dry and warm from household heaters. Common examples include being offered expensive and frequent treatments for extended periods.
In this position, the neck appears twisted to one side making your head to tilt on sideward. The head will be in slanted position and it hurts the person lot to move his head even little.
The muscular portions between the shoulder and neck will become brittle and stressed leading to constriction. Various types of treatments include medications, botox injection, physiotherapy and surgery. Hair loss, fibrosis, fetal damage and dryness are some of the long term effects that one may suffer from. Radiation is the cause of cancer and the secondary malignancies are faced in small portion of patients, usually some years after receiving the curative radiation treatment course. To know when these effects will go, it is important to note that it takes some time for the healthy cells to actually recover from radiotherapy effects so there are some ill effects that may continue after the treatment as well. If you face burning sensation or pain while urination, it is better to consult the doctor for urinary tract or bladder infections.

Upper respiratory tract disorders and infections, stress and tensions can also trigger the condition. The red rash causes extreme itching and burning and turns into weeping blisters which ooze fluids. It has a vast reserve of medicinal values which are very effective in curing innumerable diseases and ailments.
Olive oil is also full of valuable nutrients that repair the damaged skin cells and heal it quickly.Massage olive oil on the face, neck, hands and legs thoroughly. Its potent anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties make the swelling and itching subside rapidly.Take a cotton ball and dip it into apple cider vinegar.
Also people are more susceptible to bleeding if they are taking medications which prevent normal blood clotting. It may occur due to hereditary factor or any accidental injury or trauma caused to the neck muscles. Similarly a person who takes chloropromazine or haloperidol is prone to develop twisting of neck muscles or head muscles and even back. It is very difficult for affected person to turn their head swiftly and only with great discomfort they can change position of their head. Possible complications of chest tube insertion include pain, infection of the space between the lung and chest wall (the pleural space), hemorrhage (bleeding), fluid accumulation in the lung, and low blood pressure (hypotension). It is mostly hereditary but allergies, a very dry skin, bacterial and fungus infections can also cause it.
Though this condition is not a threat to health, it is extremely uncomfortable and unsightly to be scratching like crazy all the time. It has wonderful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.These properties soothe the irritated skin, reduce the burning and itching and keep the skin well moisturized. It can also develop due to nervous disorder making it difficult for the person to move his head.
However, simple home remedies will not only bring relief in the symptoms but will also help to cure it, over a period of time. Its antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties destroy all traces of infection, reduce the burning and itching and keep the skin well moisturized all the time. Depending on the intensity of the disorder, medicines are repeated until the symptoms completely disappear.
However, recent studies do not support this idea, and suggest that these medications can be used in children with tics who also have attention-deficit disorder (which often occurs in the same group of children). A chronic motor tic disorder also exists.
Torticollis is formed when the underlying muscles are constricted due to infection or inflammation. In rare cases an EEG may be done to rule out seizures. Treatment Short-lived childhood tics are not treated. A nonstressful environment can reduce the frequency of tics, and help them go away more quickly.

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